Thursday, September 22, 2011

Humanity Versus Nature

It is us versus them
it is the way it is versus the way we want it to be
it is the way it works versus how much we try to change it
and we are fighting a battle against one that has yet to lose

It is humanity versus nature
and we even made up the saying
but never realize it’s truth,
and nature will come to let us know
that we have won many, many battles
but we will never win the war;
and the most insane of facts
is that nature will win
without ever fighting


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Bunch Of Crap

We want to live forever because the lives we choose to live aren’t enough - but they easily could be.

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, unless the tree is growing on the side of a mountain.

Why does McDonalds try to market so much towards black people? Am I missing something? I’m not complaining, I get a lot out of watching those lame commercials where they attempt to be cool and act black.

Halfway between love and something else.

It’s either propaganda or art.

I think we are moving toward a reality that a reality TV show would reflect by having people sitting watching TV having sitting people watching TV.

I fell asleep on an idea as if it was all I had left.

Doctor: The highest form of misunderstanding of a specific time.

Science is a superstition all its own. The superstition that we know anything at all.

Holding on to trying to let go.

You know when you are getting old when your pop culture references are all outdated but you just don’t care.

What do I have but the whole universe?

I’m not trying to get anywhere, I’m just trying to be where I am.

Life might be rolling a cart back from Big Y at 9:38 at night. It is for that guy I just saw.

Here is something you don’t see very often: A young black woman truck driver.

Some of us have more going on behind the scenes than the movie we present. Some of us as movies aren’t nearly as interesting as the behind the scenes most don’t ever get to see.

First name Pizza. Last name Guy.

I questioned writing only when I stopped enough and pictured the people who could be out there reading it.

I was riding my bike by a group of elementary school students and I overheard a girl say this, “If I was an old man, I would definitely fuck me.” I share a similar sentiment about myself.

Other people are the stake of our own reality holding us to the tent of sanity.

Anything/Everything is meaningless and anything/everything is meaningful. It all just depends on how much it means to you.

As Charles Manson so eloquently put it, “Get up off me. I’m serious, I said get up off of me.”

Watching Cars Go By On A Tuesday Afternoon

Everyone has somewhere else they want to be instead of where they already are.

(August 30, 2011 1:41 pm)


Time seeps on
like a faucet
dripping on slowly
and at times
it streams faster
but times keep dripping on
forming some pool we might never understand

(9/7/2011 11:35 pm)


I fell asleep on an idea
and I never woke up

I saw heaven
but I never quite opened my eyes

Hell might have had me
but I ran away, but just not quick enough

I have yet to die, but I have lived many times

(9/7/2011 11:38 am)

Separated By Concrete

Separated by concrete.
Separated by concrete feelings.

Squandered because of the size of the herd.

Love comes in small doses, small places, in the love of a family.

Separated by the concrete, held back by the concrete feelings.

Times splinters our most dense of fixations.

The cracks of love
somehow seep through
the walls we put up to it.

(9/16/2011 11:40 pm)