Saturday, January 28, 2012


People should be better to each other
especially people
who share their lives
throughout their life

People should treat each other better
should respect one another more
should not take out so much misplaced anger on one another
should do what I have yet to learn to do

People just aren’t as close as they could be
as close as they should be
as close as they need to be
as close as they truly want to be

People are scared
People are scarred

Whether it be by love
or lack of it
they don’t know how to care
as much as they should

Relationships break-
they don’t always just run their course-
at times they break, ruin, and rip apart
doing the same to the individuals that were a part of them

I wish people knew how to be better to one another
I wish I did too

People are pulling back
their heart is held back,
they are living with their foot on the brake of their heart

We just don’t know how to open up enough to each other
because we do
and we learn
that too often
it isn’t worth it

Many times it is-
there are people there for us
that love us
and mean it-
People that show it
people that live it

But there are always the people
who make us doubt a belief in any sort of humanity

People just aren’t good to each other
People should be better to one another
They should be closer
They should care more, share more
be more connected

People just aren’t as close as they should be…

(1/16/2012 5:58 pm)

Friday, January 27, 2012


It’s scary how much you can do for someone and how little it can mean.

If you remember one thing I ever write, always remember…Time chimney man boobs. Let that be my legacy.

I want my writing (style) to be thought of as the opposite of Haley-Joel Osment's face, whatever that is.

There seems to be more acceptance than love, yet at the same time more tolerance than acceptance. Partial shadows instead of full realities. People at least somewhat pretending.

You can either step on people or realize they are holding you up.

I’ve had to shit since around 3:30 this afternoon.

Imagine a room consisting of Larry David, Randy Marsh, Dennis Rodman, and Charles Manson. As my friend Jared said, “I would never leave that room.”

Actions speak louder than words, but even those are just words.

I just can’t see moles making love. It seems to me that moles fuck.

Wouldn’t it be at least somewhat interesting if Jeffrey Dahmer did it all as a huge meta-joke, playing the character of a cannibal serial killer? Wouldn’t you respect him at least a little bit for his commitment to the character, to his commitment to holding up the gimmick?

Her newest fool.

Humans: the worldwide disease. I imagine a cancer thinks of itself as just living its life too.

Someone told me that Jeff Dunham is funnier than I am. FUCK!!!

A great writer can’t have much to think about other than their own thoughts.

Conversation with my four year old nephew
Me: You ever want to be a comedian?
James: No.
Me: What do you want to be?
James: Nothing.
Me: Me too.
(Sunday January 15, 2012)

Why does loneliness have to exist? To make us want to be with another? Isn’t it enough just to want to? Why does loneliness have to exist? To make better art? So that we strive to be more connected to one another? I’m not so sure any reason is worth it. I’m not sure any reason is good enough.

The Chinese warrior had a chink in his suit of armor.

Things you rarely hear: “For someone with cancer, you sure are a bitch.”

Michael Jordan’s first basketball.

One time while playing basketball, someone asked the score. The guy keeping track yelled out, “6 - 9.” Someone said, “69” and started laughing about it. He knew it was a lame joke, but still a funny one nonetheless. I laughed, too. Later on, the guy keeping score yelled out “9 - 11.” I started laughing and said, “9/11” sort of repeating it so people could hear it the same way I had heard it. No one laughed. People didn’t find the 9/11 joke as funny as the 69 joke. I still think it was a classic.

I never hated people, I just hated the void there could be when they weren’t there.

Karma is only a bitch if you set her up to be.

I’m sorry for taking the bigger piece of cake.

Writers write, but they rarely write “I’m bored.” Usually, they just say it by writing so many other things instead.

I’m still surprised people aren’t a little more pissed about the fact that we as a people poisoned the Hudson River and therefore all of its tributaries and distributaries. Why has no one been murdered over this? You just poisoned an entire populations water source. And, that isn’t even mentioning all of the animals that drink from it not knowing it is going to kill them.

It seems that you don’t truly connect with enough people throughout life. It shouldn’t be like that. It should be easier to do so.

You give your heart to a whore and you learn to get fucked.

I don’t sing songs. I write poems.

My cousin Hadley pointed something out to me. If you work, you have to give the government money (taxes). If you don’t work, the government gives you money (welfare). Doesn’t this seem backwards?

More money than free time. More work than life. More distraction than realization. More hope than reality.

No matter if I win or lose, I know the best part is that I will always have the best fans.

Rejection is sadness in a different time.

Speaking of my hand writing at work, someone said to me, “I couldn’t understand your writing.” I thought that even if I typed it out, not many people would.

Instead of quitting smoking, people inhale a different drug into their lungs through a device so that they can continue smoking.

Women who still think they have to impress. Men who are impressed by these blatant lame attempts at impressing them.

I don’t think you are ready for this jelly. No, seriously, I don’t think you are ready for it. Don’t make me get up and start dancing. I have studied Juvenile’s “Back That Ass Up” very intently. You aint ready for this jelly. Trust me.

Jerry Shittackles.

Professional haircuts and everyday baths. Just think about it. That is where we are at.

Your life becomes a thought you could have never possibly thought of.

A few more people I can do without:
  • Any goofball who runs around town at night during the winter with a light somehow attached to their head.
  • Anyone who says “d├ęcor” or “ambience” too much.
  • Anyone who says “ambience” and actually means it. Especially if they purposefully annunciate the “am” part more than they have to.
  • Any woman talking of her man who says she is, “attracted to his mediocrity.”
  • People who wear their winter hats as if it is a yarmulke.
  • Whoever the hell decided that yamika was supposed to be spelled “yarmulke.”
  • Anyone who wanted to get into pro wrestling because of Joey Abs.
  • Guys who chew their gum like they are the coolest person in the world.
  • Any serial killer who laughs loudly at his inside joke to himself when he tells people that he has a “city morgue” in his basement.
  • Anyone who calls their own writing "musings."
Thanks for reading. Take care of yourself. Life bless. Season's Greetings. Have a good'n. I appreciate your business. Happy trails.
Something, Anything

Maybe someday
maybe one day
it just might be
one is never to know

Maybe someday
maybe one day…

It just might happen
It just might come to be

One day…


(1/23/2010 12:41 pm)