Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So much has changed when so little has had to.

At 27

Kids sitting on a sidewalk watching time go by.

They aren’t old enough to know just how precious it is.

They enjoy, while I think.

Trying to hold on, instead of letting go.

Kids sitting on a curb waving to people driving by.

They know something we too soon forget.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Irrelevant Title

If you throw up honey, you just vomited bee vomit.  That’s double vomit.  Give it back to the bee, maybe they’ll eat it now.  Actually, the fact that you just vomited up vomit might cancel out that it is vomit.  I’m not willing to find out, though.

Totally racist statements that are true:  Black people look younger.

Chasing the love dragon.

God doesn’t even hate people who claim that he hates fags.  I’m guessing on that, just like they are.  Maybe god does hate fags, I don’t know, I have no direct contact with him.

Good name of something:  Firehouse Circlejerk.

Give me something good men do.  (Elapsed time with silence)  Still nothing?  Didn’t think so.

Stale grey cities.  Dark black clouds overcoming.  Turning the ignition to my car once more, puttering disease out into the atmosphere, into the air, into the very breathe of my neighbor.  Sticking a pipe into the ground, pulling out oil.  Fill up that big metal box, moving to nowhere, banging into one another, causing death.  The smile subsides slightly, the frown of life upon my face with this knowledge.

How many of us can society piggy back before we must jump down and learn to walk on our own, at least somewhat?

We are missing so much trying to gain too much.

I don’t know the difference between debit and credit.

It’s what’s on the inside of the thought that counts.

Garlic Success

I wish my name was Meep Geese.  I think I’d be a much cooler person had it been.

A DVD is fifteen dollars, a bag of apples is four.  Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

What the hell are all these Americans complaining about?  Most of you have paid vacations.

Forever never comes, it is already always there.

This guy I know told me he was sick and his sinuses were affected.  He said, “I can’t smell shit.”  I said, “Wanna bet?”  Then I farted.

When I was young my mom heard me talking about soap so she put a swear word in my mouth.

My childish wonder has elapsed.

You know what’s at the end of life?  Death.  What the fuck are you running for?  Why the hell are you going through it as fast as possible?

Most overrated wrestlers of all time:
Ric Flair
Andre The Giant

There is so much hate inside a person’s heart it makes me cry to think about how little people care for one another.

Some sort of metaphor:  A cow sacrifices his head, squeezing it through a barbed wire fence in order to get to the taller grass to eat.

I’m Cookie Crisp the cereal with no milk in it.  That’s what I am.

Here is something you don’t hear about all that often:  Neck Herpes.  It has a ring to it.

There is nothing but now - even later becomes now.

At 7/11 there is a sign that says, “Shirts and Shoes Required.”  That means you have to be wearing at least two shirts in order to go into the store.

Inner peace seems a bit boring.  I would rather be always yearning for more.  Inner peace?  What good is that?  Gotta keep going on, have to keep pushing yourself for better things.  Inner peace, what an optimistic bore.  Inner peace is just an optimistic bore.

Cats don’t understand the idea of property lines.  I think we should be more like them.

I’m on one solid trip, and it’s called life.

I haven’t gone nighty night in far too many years.

Some sort of metaphor:  Fire can’t feel the heat of itself.

The ambassador of everything mentally ugly.

Go own the dance floor, have the attention of the entire room, captivate, amaze.  Walk off.  Head down, slowly.  Find your spot - alone.  Your awe will soon be forgotten.  People quickly forget how much you amaze them.

People say something is like “finding a needle in a haystack.”  What if you have a metal detector?  Magnet?

Imagine if someone gave the President scopolamine.


I wish I had the power of a thousand gods
then I stop
and realize that I do
and I feel so miniscule to know
I just don’t use it

(June 25, 2012 1:23 pm)
It’s nice to have money; it’s better to have time.

I Dare You

Truly face freedom in the face-
you might rather be caged

Face freedom in the face
it might be too daunting to know that now, it’s all up to you

Face freedom in the face - I dare you