Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writing Is The Digestion Of Feeding On Observation

When the prince turns around
he just might be a peasant.

How long are we going to let these artists get away with saying nothing?

Never believe what the so-called experts say.

Life as we know it is just life as we don’t know it transformed into consciousness.

Happiness is always in spite of the way it is somewhere else.

It is sad to see how far Ice Cube has fallen when watching these lame Coors Light commercials. Not that he was anything spectacular before. But, we did somehow go from “Today Was A Good Day” to yelling at a bottle of Coors Light sitting in a bucket.

If you aren’t happy where you are, how do you expect to be happy where you aren’t?

We so easily get caught up in the small things that shouldn’t matter, but never remember the bigger ones that should.

If you let someone carry you for too long, when they put you down, your legs will be too weak to walk. If you walk too long yourself, eventually your legs will become too weak to continue.

You can’t hug an idea.

“Something is wrong” no longer covers it. Now it is most things.

If you aren’t cynical, live longer and have high expectations.

I like my TV stand I bought at Goodwill because it has some character. Many people would call those things scratches, but I call it character.

I catch your drift and I’ll just float away.

Writing is the digestion of feeding on observation.

Instead of the government regulating child support, I think the human female should step it up and stop having children with males who aren’t willing to support their children.

Imagine a president from the Jersey shore. Never mind, don’t.

Young kids drive fast because they think there is somewhere to get to. Old people go slow and take it easy because they know there is nowhere to be but where you already are.

Isn’t it scary to know there are enough bombs on the planet that if they all got set off, every one of us would be dead?

Einstein didn’t look like a typical Jew.

I can only deal with Pete Cetera’s voice for about four songs.

I saw a sign at the cemetery that said, “No Dogs.” What this means is that at a place where there are hundreds of dead rotting bodies six feet under the ground, they don’t want a dog shitting on the grass.

I am so sick of everyone coming from humble beginnings.
I’m tired of hearing that someone had to come from nothing.
I don’t know if I can deal with someone explaining again how they had to scratch and claw their way to the top.
How many more times will I have to hear someone go on about all the “obstacles they had to overcome” to “get where they are at.”?

Snoop Dogg is not cool in any way, shape, or form.. He is a pot head who thinks he can rap that attempts to be cooler than he ever could be by creating stupid words and acting nonchalant. I really just had to make sure other people realize this. Thank you.

The world is backwards. If you are even a little bit forward, they think you are totally backward.

I don’t think we have yet to come up with a word to describe the feeling a guy gets when he thinks his girlfriend might be pregnant but then finds out she just started her period.

I can’t quite trust a schizophrenic non verbal old guy whose apartment always smells like piss. Especially when he is my downstairs neighbor.

I always take too long to do my dishes. I can’t get rid of these warts. I need to exercise more. And on top of that, I keep wearing this idiotic looking straw hat around in public.

Ugliness can become beauty with time and understanding.

I once met a man who was chewing so hard he was sweating.

The Diabetic Horse…a tail of heartbreak…of overcoming the odds. Look for it in paperback and coming soon to a theater near you. The Diabetic Horse…a heartfelt family film of love, loss, realization, and bullshit like that.

Thanks for reading, John.