Friday, August 12, 2011


Everywhere I go, they say:

“You can’t write like that.”
“You can’t think like that.”
“You can’t say that.”

I want to tell them:
“Look at anyone who has even said anything and there was someone telling them they couldn’t say it.”

But they don’t want to hear that part either.


The Bum On The Side Of The Road

The bum stood there asking for change. Long beard, matted, long hair curled onto itself. Shanty clothing. The bum stood there on the city street as the cars whizzed by, as the planes overhead flew across the sky. The bum on the side of the road stood there as the people passed without caring enough to truly notice what this all represents. The bum on the side of the road. The thing most want to ignore. The bum on the side of the road, smelling, with his makeshift cardboard sign and his jingling jar of change. The bum on the side of the road, with his raspy yet deep voice he barely ever utters a word with.

“God bless you.”

Well, god bless the people and the way it is. God bless the idea of this man not making it, perhaps because he never tried to. God bless minimum wage, and the necessity of a shower in order to fit into today's work environment. God bless the people passing by with their suits and ties on their Blackberrys and iPhones. God bless the planet, god bless the people, god bless himself, because it seems as though he has yet to, when looking at his creation.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If you aint got no money, you aint got no time. If you aint got no time, you aint got a chance.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Road

“Hey, come here” I said. I started walking toward somewhere like I knew what was going on. People started to follow me. I seemed as though I was going somewhere important, doing something necessary. People started to follow, one behind the other, in a line, like a mini parade. People, all thinking we knew what was going on, joined in. It turned into a large group more than a line. All walking with me. I still acted like I knew where I was going and what I was doing, but I had no clue. I just kept walking and they all kept thinking the other guy, the next guy, knew what was going on. No one did. But, no one spoke up and questioned it all. No one had the idea, the balls to say, “Just what the fuck are we doing here, why are we following this guy?” They all just kept following, and the more people saw this large group walking down the street in a parade like fashion, the more that joined. Everyone wanted to know what was going on. Everyone wanted to figure it out. Everyone was curious and joined in. No one knew what was happening, where we were going, why we were going there. I just kept walking. I took a left, the whole group went left, I walked straight, they all came with me. I took a right and so did they. Every person just thought the next guy understood what was happening. But, the biggest secret was that no one did. All they had to do was question me once and I would have folded, but no one did.

I kept walking, kept walking. Acting as if I knew what was going on, as if I had some goal in mind. Some place to be, some where to go, something, something, something. But, all I had was nothing. I had nothing, but no one asked, so they all thought I had everything. More and more people joined. The news came and filmed us for television. Everyone wanted to know what was going on.

Finally, people started getting a little bit tired, a little bit sore. The novelty of such an idea wore off and people stopped joining, as the tired faces on those in the group showed that they were starting to question what was going on, at least within their own minds. I kept walking, as if I knew what was going on, but a few people started to talk amongst themselves and realized they had places to be, things to do. So, they quietly left the group when we went around a corner. Others started to follow suit. Others followed those others who were following at one point. They all started following each other out of the group much in the same way that they had followed each other into it. But, no one had the balls to leave until the first guy did. No one did it because they wanted, they all did it because someone else had the gall, the foresight to move on to something else. They might still all be walking with me had those first few people not grown tired and weary and sick of walking, slightly realizing that I just might not be going anywhere.

I kept walking. A few still stayed with me, but you could tell they were done. You could tell they had had enough and realized I didn’t know what was going on and that I had no true goal in sight. The last guy stayed with me for a while. He strayed behind as I kept walking in a direction that even I wasn’t sure of.

(7/9/2011 2:32 pm)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Rise Of The Tide

People die
like the wind blowing a leaf
like the darkness of the winter
like a snowflake

People die
like the last notes of a songbird ending

People die
but life continues on

People die
like the waves splashing in the oceans

People die
like the sun rises and sets

People die
but life continues on

(late April 2011)