Friday, September 9, 2011

Some Stupid Shit I Thought Of

In order to know heartbreak you must be lucky enough to learn love.

To be young and to have a chance.

When there are no rebels left, it is over. Either that or the society has a reached a point where it doesn’t need them. But I doubt that.

I think weddings would be even more interesting if they did the reception followed by the in church ceremony.

It’s always a little bit more awkward introducing yourself to an Indian person because you know you won’t be able to pronounce their name when they tell it to you.

God is no way to hold back my emotion, my tears, my love.

Some stupid shit I thought of. That’s all this is. I won’t try to pretend, I won’t try to fool myself here. This is just some stupid shit I thought of.

Imagine Michael Jackson at a wedding reception.

Wisdom I overheard in the bathroom of a wedding reception near the end of the night: “Everything comes at its certain time for everybody.”

I’m not a marathon, but you still should sweat me.

I can’t dance to the lyric “can I play with your panty line.” I just can’t do it. I highly respect anyone who can. I totally give it up to anyone who can put such an asinine lyric aside and continue to dance through it.

I wish I could always be what I sometimes am.

Ultimately, you pretty much follow people. Or, you do your own thing and they end up following you.

In “Lollipop” Lil Wayne refers to women’s breasts as “lady lumps.” Plus, he auto-tunes it. Here’s the weirdest part: People still consider him cool, even with this knowledge.

The gentle nostalgia.

They now offer flu shots at both Wal-Mart and Rite Aid. You tell me what this means.

Every king needs a queen
every society a peasant
every master a slave
everyone a someone

Fallopian tubes. Ahahaha, that just sounds great. Say it a few times. Fallopian tubes. That’s fucking great!

Tracy Chapman: The black, dreadlocked female Messiah.

Art: You have to put it all out there with no worries otherwise.

Many listen, few hear.