Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Person Looking For Love

I see
a loner just looking to connect

I see
someone who has almost no one

I see
someone who wants nothing more
than to know a little bit of someone else

I see someone just looking to connect somewhat
to something
nearly anyone

I see sadness
and depression

I see loneliness
a loneliness
I once knew
and because of that
I now see

I see someone
just looking for someone to care
just wanting someone to see
just asking someone to understand

I see
someone who most consider insane
and I can see why
but also
I can see
how he got there
why he is there
just what it takes
to be there

I see
just looking for friends
for love
for care

I see
many people
not caring enough
to know this person

I am one of them

I see
people stepping away in danger
in fear
of what this person is
could be
might become

I see
a lost soul
with his video camera
and a world to talk to online

I see someone
who just wants someone
to understand
but doesn’t know how

(10/9/2011 9:52 pm)


People I Can Do Without
  • Anyone who, in the year 2011, wants to know where he can rent VHS tapes.
  • Any porn actress who looks like she is just, “running through the motions.”
  • Any drug dealer who claims that he is, “just trying to make ends meet" or “just trying to put food on the table.”
  • People who say “fantastic” way too much. Especially when it is being used to describe something that isn’t even close to it.
  • Anyone affectionately known of as “Rapist Willy.”
  • Anyone who refers to other people as their “colleagues.”
  • Anyone who occasionally steals Bibles.
  • People who say, “Howdy” and are serious about it.
  • Any man who tells me he has 3 sexual harassment lawsuits against him and gives me no reason for doubting him - he just looks like it is true.
  • Anyone with hepatitis and one tooth. Even if that one tooth is really clean.
  • People who refer to women’s underwear as “knickers.”
  • Anyone who feels as though their purpose in life is to let as many people as possible know that orange American cheese is better than white American cheese.
  • Anyone who gets their first tattoo at age 60.
  • Anyone who plays pickup basketball with a baseball hat on.
  • Anyone who buys an unregistered gun with blood on it.
  • Any guy who, for some unknown reason, is always looking slightly to the left.
  • Any hoarder who collects Good Housekeeping magazines.
  • Anyone who calls himself “The Father Of Masturbation.”
  • Anyone striving to be more “Dahmer-like.”
  • Anyone who regularly takes a shit at the local Goodwill.
  • Anyone in a crowded area yelling, “Hey, come smell my children!"
People I Respect
  • Any elderly woman with a long white goatee she knows is there but refuses to get rid of.
  • Anyone who gets evicted from their apartment for having sex too loud.
  • Anyone who uses the proper turn signals while on a high speed chase from the cops.
  • A man who smells and knows it.
  • Anyone who says that touching boobs is a “pastime” of theirs.
  • Any guy with a $2 bill in his wallet.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want you to talk above them, but tells you by saying, “Do not use speech higher than thou.”
  • Anyone who’s only form of daily exercise is sex.
  • Anyone who asks a hooker if she is having any specials.
  • A hooker who claims that she is just “doing the best for her family.”
  • Anyone who looks at the history of syphilis, finds that many great artists, writers, and composers had it, and then seeks out getting it in order to become a better artist.
  • Anyone who looks up to Towelie.
  • Anyone teenager who wishes their parents did drugs so that, “they would be at least kind of cool.”
  • Any pissed off lesbian teenager who dates boys just to piss of her straight hating gay mother.
  • Really old ladies who are still racist.
  • Anyone who literally frolics through a field.

Monday, October 10, 2011

With Love

I do it
for the look on my nephew's face
and the laugh on the others

I do it
for the smile on the face of my niece

I do it
for my sisters
and their children

I do it
for my mother
and my father
and my cousins
and my friends
and the love I have inside

I do it
because I can
because I want to
because something in me says
I nearly need to

I do it
for all the times worth looking back on
for the tears coming down my face as I write this

I do it
because I love to do it

I do it
just because I can

I do it
for the laugh of those around me
for the introspection of those near me
for the mind of those who know me

I do it
out of love

I do it
out of tears

I do it
out of life

I do it
because it is all I have
and all I have
is more than an eternity
of love
to push me forward
to do it again
and again

(10/10/2011 10:55 pm)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Right Now Is Forever

We are human, so we have a different, somewhat slighted point of view on humanity. If you weren’t a human, what do you think you would think of us? That is the point of view I try to see it from.

An artist just says what you are thinking - sometimes it's something you are thinking but you don’t even realize you are thinking it.

Together in fakeness or apart in truth?

When the only question left is, “How much will it make?” we are in trouble.

We are all bleeding on the inside. We are all crying on the inside. It just takes something to make it come out.

Guys at a parade smoking cigarettes while selling overpriced toys to children.

If you looked at your entire life before living it, it would seem too long to be true. When you look back at your life near the end, I am sure it seems to have been far too short.

None of the religions are right because they think they know what is going on. If any organization or individual even attempts to make you believe that they know how it all started, just what the hell is going on, and how it all will end, don’t listen to a word of it. I don’t even know if this is right.

You know what’s cool about being an adult? Never having to change shoe sizes again.

If you’ve got to go searching for truth it probably isn’t.

In a world of all unique, the most normal is the only unique.

Right now is forever.

Think about the future, but don’t let it eat up your present so that you look back to a past that wasn’t there (because you were too busy thinking about the future).

Able bodied. That just sounds funny. Able bodied. Say it a few times. Able bodied. Ahahahahah.

If you have nowhere to be, you’re never lost.

There is now a television show called “Cupcake Wars.”

You don’t need a lot of income if you minimize your outgo.

Certain annihilation at the hands of nothingness.

90% of the time I am joking. This is not one of those times. Wait, yes it is. No it isn’t. Yes it is! Fuck you! Ahhhh! Help! I am arguing with myself!

Always trying, needing, wanting to be funny is a serious condition.

I saw a billboard that had a photo of the 1980 USA hockey team and it said, “Yes, we do believe in miracles.” Winning a sports game is never a miracle! No matter what the circumstances. I don’t care if a team of 2nd graders beats the USA basketball Dream Team. It’s not a miracle. It’s a game.

I believe in god sort of in the same way that I believe in ghosts.

You aren’t insane if you have something that most can’t identify with. You are insane if you have no way of getting whatever that is across to them.

People are the ultimate pollution.

Teenagers are totally caged because they don’t realize just how totally free they are.

I’ll be over here sitting with myself trying to figure out the universe.

When I was a kid, at my dad’s house we would boil pirogues then deep fry them and eat them. Now that I am an adult, I boil them, but then I sauté them with olive oil, basil, parsley, freshly chopped onions, and broccoli. There is some difference here about nutrition and learning as you get older about health. I just had to point this out for some reason.

I might look like I frequent brewhaha, but I can barely stomach that place (and I don’t mean because of the food).

Life is very simple. It is complex. That is how simple it is.

A bunch of artists who don’t even write their own shit. A bunch of fakeness manufactured for the masses. A bunch of robots singing what is written for them. A bunch of hacks pretending to be real. A bunch of posers attempting to tell us something. When you don’t sing the words of your heart, when you don’t spew what is inside you, there is no one worth listening.

I wish I could stick around long enough to see it all. I wish I could live forever to see the next generation come up, to see their children have children. I wish I could stick around long enough to see them grow.