Saturday, October 22, 2011


they think that counting
syllables and having form
means something - they’re wrong

when the form becomes
the most important aspect
of art - it is done

We studied haikus
in high school, I thought, “those suck.”
Well, look at me now

five syllables, first
seven syllables, line two
five more here - haiku

I wish the haiku
would go- but it can’t because
I am writing this

This is the first time
you’ll read a haiku like this-
no one has style

thought, syllable, word
put together and labeled;
forms kills poetry

one more dumb haiku
proving how worthless they are-
lame bullshit poems

syllables and form
lead to pretentiousness
in poetic style

but it might not be
the first haiku that’s backwards
I’m going to write


a meandering
nonsensical exhibit
of lacking talent

bullshit pretentious
poetry pisses me off
so I won’t do it

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…no one knows anything. Don’t go around saying this too loud. There are many out there who stand upon the fact that others think they know what is going on. It is the ultimate secret we all know but don’t want to admit. Shhhh…no one knows what is going on. Hey kids, even the adults have no clue! You know how you look up to us because you think we have order and know what is going on and how it works and what is happening? Well, once you get to be us (the adults) you will come to realize that no one really knows anything. Wait for it, it’s an insane realization. That we are all here and all we have is ourselves and those around us and nature can be a bitch and there is no control we have over any of it. Shhh….don’t go telling this secret to too many people, most of them don’t want to hear it or realize it. This is a fact that many people don’t want out there, because they make money over the fact that other people think they know what is going. They don’t want that fact shared, because they are selling the idea that they somehow have a clue. But, here it is: None of us have a clue what is going on, even the adults. Don’t let them fool you, they don’t know. They have no clue. They have no idea. Sure, they like to let you think they do, because that can give them the ability to sell you some sort of idea, but they don’t have a clue. Don’t ever let them fool you into thinking they know.

For the sake of being a writer
I decided to let my thoughts run free

For the sake of being sane
I’m going to have to learn how to control them

(Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:19 pm)

They had been together since she was a kid. Sixteen years old, new to the world. Still young, innocent, still so young. Think about it. 16. In a world of the ability to be 90, what is 16? And, she had been with him since then. They had shared many moments together. They had been together since that time. Her life was much a part of his as it was her own. 16. 16 and a mind ready to be absorbed within something else. Her sponge brain was ready to soak in the world, and her world was this man. They married young, had 7 children together. Yes, she had something more than him. She had herself. She had her children. She had her home. But, the walls of her inside were this man.

At 63, he died. She was left with cracking, crumbling walls within that once held her up within herself. She was alone now, alone finally. Alone. Alone after all these years. She was no longer 16, but she was back there, in that same spot. What to do now? She was 16 in the mind once again, in a 63 year old body, having lost the one thing holding her to herself, the one idea that kept her just enough together to be right.

Now, she had to face reality, she had to look at eternity and realize she was part of it; whether it be alone or with someone by her side. Her children helped, she tried to help. What was there to do? She soldiered on, affected, different, changed. You couldn’t tell by her physical, but she had been transformed, she had been through something, been through many things, and she had come out the other side of it. There was nothing to do but soldier on and continue living for a reason even she didn’t quite know.

Monday, October 17, 2011


We don’t need to do more for the environment, we need to do less. Doing more is what got us to this point in the first place. Stop doing shit. Walk around. Don’t do anything but sit there. That will help the environment get back to where it was, and to where it should be. It is better for the environment if we do less. Stop trying to do all this shit and let it be as it is while living with it. We don’t need to do more, we need to stay out of business that isn’t really ours and do less. Just leave it alone for a while, it will fix itself. What we really need is to fix ourselves. That is the part of nature we need to fix. Everyone wants to fix nature, fix the environment. It doesn’t need it. It has been fine, will be fine, no matter what we do, it will continue on. What we need to fix about nature or the environment is us and the way we live with it and interact with it. We need to fix ourselves, but we are too stubborn to see that so we think we have to do something for nature, for the environment. It isn’t that. It is that we need to do something about us as part of it.


No one has the answers. Some might act like they do better. But, at the core is unknowing, misunderstanding. That can be scary. Philosophers dare to get into those unknown places. They dare to see what others don’t want to search for. They dare to look into the unknown - and realize it all is. Many like to pretend it isn’t because it is easier, makes for a happier life. You know, ignorance is bliss type stuff. But, if you don’t search, you can never find treasure. And if you do search, sometimes you find a core. You have to be able to take the good with the bad when daring enough to look at everything with the knowledge that we don’t know anything. It is an odd place to start. Realizing that we don’t know anything. That is all we know. It is what Socrates said, just in different words. But, there are some who dare to truly realize it and be able to continue on going into places others never would. Searching the corners of the room that are left alone by everyone else. Delving into the deepest of places, unseen, unknown, unexplored my man. You can always explore the mind, your own, anyone else’s. It is infinite in there. There is no end, you can just keep digging, keep looking, keep searching within both yourself and within other people. When we run out of physical places to discover, there is always within. And, we are at a point where we are all over the earth. There are really no places we haven’t been. We even explore the sky. What is next? We rarely stop enough to explore ourselves. That is why to me a great philosophy is like exploring an unknown galaxy of the mind. Exploring the mind of another is like traveling somewhere no one else has ever been. Looking deep within yourself and letting ideas run, ideas flow, is like sailing the oceans in times gone by with no way of knowing what there was to be found, but daring enough to do so.


I hate watching these artists that hang around too long. I hate it because many of them were artists I once liked and respected. It is so sad to see them attempt to hold onto their legacy, but while they are doing so, they are totally ruining it. They end up shitting on their own legacy. They ruin what they once were by trying to always be it. They can’t quite move on and still be an artist, but in a different time. They are always holding onto what they once were. I hate watching Hulk Hogan now because I knew what Hulk Hogan was then. It is totally depressing watching Hulk Hogan now knowing what Hulk Hogan once was. I don’t like Hulk Hogan. I love what he once was. I despise what he let himself become. Look at Ric Flair now. What an embarrassment. It is sad to watch it. These guys hold onto their past. They attempt to live off their achievements of years gone by instead of being new, instead of being a true artist. I’ll tell you one thing, if Matt Stone & Trey Parker ever start to do that shit, that Muhammad terrorist nut won’t be the only one who has given them a death threat. If you are an artist and you can no longer do your art as good as you once did, up to certain standards, then take the road of a true artist and stop doing it. At least don’t subject us to it. A true artist knows when his art is not up to par and therefore stops. The mark of a true artist is the ability to know when your art isn’t up to the standards that it can be. If you are a true artist, you walk away, you take some time off. You let the art be of its time. That art was for that specific time in your life. You can’t try to make that art from that part of your life be the same art for a different part of you life. It has its specific time and place. You keep moving on, you keep adapting, you keep changing, you keep going with it. You don’t try to be the artist you always were, you be the artist you are at this time.


Some people are not worthy arguing with. Just not worth it. They have their mind made up and will never even let anything you are saying soak in whatsoever. You have to be able to recognize these people right away and let them masturbate their ideas out. They will have it no other way, will hear it from no one else, will listen to it from no other perspective. You can easily spot them. They are usually extremely passionate but will not let you get in a word, and if you do, they just lift their voice a little higher and get angry. You have to recognize these people right away and let them spew their shit letting them think you actually care. You just have to sit there and nod your head as if they actually know what they are talking about. You have to laugh and somewhat agree, but actually not at all, and in a way mock them by agreeing with everything they say because they have no other way of looking at it. You have to give them everything they want just in order to mock them, because it is the only way they will feel good about themselves.

You can’t let these people get you going. You can’t let these people upset you. You can’t let them get you heated. You have to let them come in, say their piece, let it slide off your shoulder as if nothing at all was said (which is actually the truth), and then go about your day with your differing opinion that they didn’t even attempt to listen to. You have to let it fall on deaf ears. You can’t be someone to sit there and actually listen to them, you have to be one sit there and act like you are listening to them. They need that in their life. They have nothing else. It is your duty to make them think you at least care a little bit. I might be somewhat like these people, sadly. But if you don’t agree with me, I really don’t care and won’t get heated. And, I will let other people give their opinion and I am open to bend and change if someone else is right, or makes a good point. And if you don’t agree that I am like that, I will just start getting a little louder and not let you talk anymore.


Hunger, by its very definition, is never satisfied. That is what makes it what it is. You never totally satisfy your hunger, you always get hungry again. This is true of hunger for food, and our hunger to overcome, our hunger to become, our hunger to keep moving. Our hunger to better ourselves, our hunger to keep going, to want more, to do more. Much like our hunger for food is never satisfied because we soon enough get hungry again, our hunger for other things never satisfies either. Maybe for a day or two, for a little while we feel satisfied. That is how it is with food. When we are hungry and we eat, we feel satisfied for a while, but soon enough, we will be hungry again. It is within us. It is the nature of it. That is why we keep attempting to do more, attempting to become, attempting to better ourselves. The hunger is never truly satisfied.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not Knowing Is No Longer An Excuse. Not Wanting To (Still) Is.

If you have no reason - get the fuck out of here.
If you don’t want to be the best…leave.
If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye and a pump to your soul, forget it.
If it’s not total love, don’t even dare call yourself a writer.
Don’t even dare disrespect something I love that much.

Life - Every step forward is one step back to where you started - Death

Houses lost within the trees of which they really are.

I wore Faded Glory, so fuck you! Plus, I still would wear it if I felt like it. Fuck you again! Yeah, I’d buy that shit at Wal-Mart if I damn well pleased. Fuck you for a third time!

The destination is ultimately just part of the journey.

If you are all that, you don’t have to mention that you are “All that and a bag of chips.” A bag of chips is part of all that. You can’t be all that plus a bag of chips, a bag of chips is already part of all that. I should have said this back in ‘98 when it was considered cool to say it.

A young fool who doesn’t know it. One a bit older who thinks he does.

Reality is the tree, the root - how it is, the wholeness of it. Opinions are the branches, the leaves - the freedom to say whatever your take is on it, the ability to be a distinct part of a whole. Others are the wind that can sway your opinion, can make you see it a different way. Friends are those that bear the same fruit and are willing to share it. Family is the forest of which lays the entire foundation for you being able to be whatever it is that you are.

So many people not worthy of being heard who are. So many worth it who aren't.

Cumberland Farms doesn’t seem to be producing very many vegetables and they don’t seem to have all that many animals now that I think of it.

Sometimes one must take a step backward in order to be able to move forward properly.

Being cool is being you and being cool with it.

When the river of hope dries up, there is only the bottom of the river known as reality.

There is a famous musical lyric that asks, “What if God was one of us?” He’d be fucking embarrassed just like anyone would be if they really looked at humanity without a slanted point of view because we are part of it.

Perhaps life is just being asleep but awake enough to see it.

Life on a stick.

I never ate Play-Dough, but one time I licked Socrates.

Not knowing is no longer an excuse. Not wanting to (still) is.

If you are getting bullied, they want you to go tell an adult that you are being bullied. You know what that does? Gives the people who bully you one more good reason for bullying you.

Singing is just writing but then reading it out loud in a more dramatic form.

A cop on his cell phone directing traffic - FUCK YOU!!! Get the fuck off your phone asshole fucking prick while you attempt to tell me what to do with my life! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A sentence that is not true at this moment, but one day will be (I’m not sure when though): I am dead now.

Drunk thought while watching TV: Dominoes ad campaign is odd.

A man with no worries
is a man with no problems
is a man with no character.

Imagine being a cat. Everything taken care of for you. No job to show up at. Survival all set for you. Totally free, can just hang around all day. A cat is sort of like a person on welfare living off the system.

I can’t give you what you want to hear, I can only write whatever it is that I feel.

If everything is a contradiction, then nothing is, and that is a contradiction. So is that.

War is life
so is love.

People say “drop it like it’s a bad habit” as if a bad habit is something that is easy to drop. It shouldn’t be used in the way. “I dropped it like a bad habit” should not be used to describe something that was given up really easily. It should be the opposite. “I dropped smoking as if it was a bad habit, or in other words, I am still smoking 6 packs a day.”

Who is science to science to say something isn’t real? If it has real results (whether or not they can be measured scientifically), it is more than real enough.

“I hate his guts” Why do people hate other people’s “guts”? I can see hating their ideals, their actions, their personality, but their guts? I’m totally indifferent to people’s guts. To be honest, their guts are not anywhere on my list of reasons for hating people. It seems like an odd thing to hate. “I hate that guy’s spleen!” You know that guy? He’s an asshole! His pancreas really pisses me off!

You aren’t younger or older than anyone - we are all here at the same time, aren’t we?

One should wish to die as beautifully as the leaves do during the fall. I can only hope my death is as beautiful as the fall.