Saturday, October 29, 2011

If I say this enough it will be funny, if I say this enough it will be funny, if I say this enough it will be funny, if I say this enough it will be funny, if I say this enough it will be funny, if I say this enough it will be funny, if I say this enough it will be funny. I guess not. I guess not. I guess not. Fuck this it isn’t working. Fuck this it isn’t working. Fuck this it isn’t working. Wait, you might have just cracked a smile. Wait, you might have just cracked a smile. Good enough. Good enough. Good enough. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of myself. If you didn’t crack a smile, I will come and kill you. If you didn’t crack a smile I will come and kill you. If you didn’t crack a smile, I will come and kill you. Okay, this is getting annoying.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Alarm Clock

The world is sleeping
the people need to wake up

This society
is turning a blind eye
covering their eyes slightly with their hands
attempting to ignore
what is truly there

The masses are snoring
the people are happy because of it
one can only sleep so long
before a nightmare occurs
and the one in our dreams
will be nothing compared
to the one that will really be there
when we wake up
if we don’t do something
about this

(10/26/2011 3:01 pm)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Shit

Hey, if you are reading this, thanks for reading this shit. I appreciate it. I try to always keep in interesting enough to keep coming back for more. I wouldn't ever write it if I wouldn't read it, so again, thanks for checking it out.

Sentences that I’m not sure what they mean but they sound good anyway: When you kill god, the idea finally has a chance to born.

I don’t (something my cat ripped off the edge of the paper and I will never remember)

Remember when life was about how cool your boom box was?

Three things I am truly afraid of: Loneliness, loss & myself.

Don’t work more; need less.

You can’t hold on to trying to think, you have to totally let go and let the thought run itself through you.


If I smoked pot, I’d get rid of my car.

The trees don’t cry
the rocks don’t care
the sky has yet to complain
the sun keeps going on despite all of this
the waves never ask
the wind doesn’t turn its back.

They say “don’t text while driving” but say nothing about writing something like this (while driving). [actually observed]

There’s a dark cloud hanging over life and it’s called death.

In this society, if you aren’t crazy then you are crazy.

Never piss on a gargoyle.

I’d try the McRib, but I don’t want to McThrowup.

True Love: We were talking about basketball, and I said to my friend Jared, “He realizes your love for the game.” He said, “I don’t think anyone does.”

People bet sports games to “make it more interesting” while they watch it. I wonder how much one would have to bet on a WNBA game in order for it to become interesting enough to sit through.

The keep updating us about this lockout of the NBA, and how many games are going to be cancelled, but no one realizes the saving grace; the WNBA is still going to have their season!

There are no real winners in the WNBA.

Saying the WNBA is basketball is like saying the NBA isn’t.

There is a billboard telling men to be a good father to their children. Listen, if you aren’t already a good father to your children, a billboard isn’t going to convince you otherwise.

A comedian can get away with saying anything, because they always have the excuse that it is just comedy.

Do you ever find the one or do you just sort of give up and say this one is good enough?

Don't expect anything. Many times, that is what you get anyway.

I want to piss off the tallest building in the world.

A writer to a non-writer easily summed up:
(something happens, a guy pulls out a pen and piece of paper from his pocket and starts writing something down)
A: What are you doing?
B: Writing it down.
A: Why?
B: I want to.

Life can be ruined too easily.

In this society, we need birth control in alcoholic form.

“Benoit” can be pronounced ben-wah. That means “exploit” could be pronounced expl-wah.

I wonder if the president has to use stamps.

One should always have at least five dollars with them.

When I’m on a construction site, I like to call it a Jesus’ pencil instead of a carpenter’s pencil just to keep people on their toes.

Drunk: I should have been a dentist.
Still drunk, but a second later realization what just came out of my mouth: Wait, no I shouldn’t.

How do these people always know it is the “middle of the woods”? It might not be even close to the middle.

My life philosophy: Why not make it enjoyable?

If you wear baggy pants and have to walk weird in order to keep them from falling down and think it makes you cool, it doesn’t. If you have to go to those lengths in order to impress someone about how cool you are, then you aren’t.

You ever see how a dog scratches his butt up against things when they have fleas? They sort of look like the girls in Juvenile’s Back That Ass Up video. Someone has to tape their dogs doing this and set it to that song and put it up on youtube. I’ve got other shit to do, like think of stupid shit like this, so someone else go ahead and do it so I can watch it and laugh.

You’re never rude in your own house.

These paper towel companies keep upping the amount of times you can reuse them; using it as a selling point. “Bounti can now be reused four times!” Yeah, well a rag can be reused forever times.

If ones teeth are all decayed, their mouth cavity has become just that, an entire mouth cavity.

What do you say when you have said it all and it’s not enough? (You just might have to come to the realization that you might have not said enough yet).

If I was from Jersey, I don’t think I could fool myself into being proud of it.

People use the term “natural death” as in “he got old and died a natural death” but they forget that if you really get down to it, every death is a natural death.

The universe connects with itself through you.

A: Who’s in that picture?
B: It’s my grandmother, she’s dead.
A: Oh, sorry.
B: Why, you didn’t kill her did you?

I’m more drunk when I’m sober than when I’m drunk. This makes total sense. I wrote it while I was drunk, but even now, reading it back as I am sober, I still understand it. That is because I am more drunk when I’m sober than when I’m drunk and therefore can understand nonsense such as this.

Nietzsche’s mustache, those goddamn glasses and sweat dripping from his stache. That smelly suit he wore while teaching, he never bathed enough, and even the hooker who gave him syphilis. His diseased unit warping his mind to write shit no one else possibly could. The loneliness enough to sit in a room with no one for long periods of time, wasting his mind away on the sheet, melting away his sanity so that he could get it down on paper. One must slightly look up to one willing to sacrifice so much for something they love. One must at least somewhat respect a man willing to give up his own mind for something he truly loves. One must realize the love one must have had for philosophy when one is to realize even his own life wasn’t more important than it.

Kayfabe to the grave.
Mirror Like

Without the vegetation, what will grow?
Surely not us.

With the concrete
what will survive
but our society gone wrong?

With the green traded in for the grey
what kind of life will there be on the planet?

Only ours

But within nothing to feed off of
we’ll be left
with only ourselves-
a dark, cold, concrete existence
much like the one we created

(7/26/2011 1:45 pm watching Planet Earth).
Completer Of Infinity

You are standing on a staircase that reaches higher than you can see to the top and as low as you can see and beyond to the bottom. You are somewhere in the middle. Actually, it doesn’t matter if it is the middle or not. It stretches to infinity either way. There is no way to judge just where you are in these steps of the infinite.

Then, you begin to ask why, and you take a step up. You might think you have gotten closer to the top, but it is infinity. You have gone nowhere. There is only the illusion of going forward. With this knowledge, you take a step back, to where you were. But, you really don’t step back. You are just somewhere within an eternity. It doesn’t really matter where it is, because there is no real way to judge. You cannot find it on a map. You cannot explain it to someone. “I am on the fifth step up.” That won’t work. There are endless steps in both ways. There is no way to locate where you are within this infinity. The only place you are within is yourself. You could walk forever, your whole life, and you would still be somewhere within the infinity. You wouldn’t be closer to the end or closer to the beginning - they don’t exist. You would have moved so much without moving at all. You would have put yourself somewhere different, but in the big scheme of things, it would be in the same place - somewhere within eternity. You can’t get out of it. You are within it. You are within something so large it becomes bigger than that. It is beyond the beyond. And, moving up and down this staircase has to be the fun. Because, ultimately, you do not go anywhere in the idea of eternity, only in the idea of yourself.

You move yourself, you change, your thoughts do, you think differently, you even feel as though physically you have moved (it must be true, you are sweating, tired, weary, you have grown old), but you are still stuck somewhere within infinity. There is no way to judge where this is. You might have moved, but then again, it doesn’t matter because you are just one thing within an eternity. You are just a piece of it, a part of the chain that links back to itself, a part of the circle making it complete itself. You are not separate or alone, you are together with everything, connecting it all making it connect with itself and making others connect with themselves. You are a part of something greater than yourself, you are part of a whole, you are completer of infinity. You are a maker of eternity.

(2/18/2011 sitting at my kitchen table at Richmond Lane after reading Eugene Ionesco Fragments Of A Journal in “Coming Of Age In Philosophy)
People Should Be Better To Each Other

Love doesn’t always last
although it should

People aren’t always faithful
although they probably should be

I know I haven’t always been

Relationships should be more real
not as superficial
on a deeper level
people just don’t know how to do it

Love doesn’t always last
although it should

People aren’t always true, real
when need be

Interaction for the most part now
is at a certain level
one in which
doesn’t go deep enough

Even those
we meet
and are nothing short of good to
sometimes don’t know how to handle it-
think of that
an occurrence of care such a crazy idea
ones mind cannot understand it

People should be better to each other
more honest with each other
more truthful, faithful
and so should I

(10/24/2011 9:44 pm)