Saturday, November 12, 2011

To Myself, Now

Don’t waste your time
it might be all of it
that you have

Don’t forget your childhood
waiting to become an adult
(it is so easy to learn this
after you have grown)

Don’t wait for it
learn to get it
learn to let it come

Don’t ruin the glory of your middle years
slowly realizing how fast it can all pass

Don’t let old age
be the only thing
holding you back
from daring to do something

Don’t ever be too scared
or too worried
or too old
to do something
that you one day
would have done
but now feel as though
you know too much
to take such a risk

Go for it
don’t let life get in the way
of living it

If at a time
you were able to let go that much
to not worry
to just dare
to dream
and make it become a reality
then what is stopping you now
but deciding in your mind
it might be
too late?

(11/6/2011 5:48 pm)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It’s a high school basketball game. The coach is on the sideline. He can see out of the corner of his eye one of his players sitting up in his seat, as forward as he can be. He can feel it. He knows he wants it. He knows he wants in. He knows he wants a chance. This kid is ready. This kid is ready. The coach can just feel it. He turns toward the kid, looks him straight in the eyes and says, “You want it? Go fucking get it.”

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Wood is not pollution. EVER! If I eat an ice cream bar and there is a stick left over and I throw it on the ground, that is not pollution! It is wood. It is a tree. It will go back to the grass and become part of the earth again. Same with paper. Paper is never pollution. It is a tree. In much the same way, throwing food anywhere is never pollution, EVER! Food is never pollution. Rotting food or not. Rotting food, especially, isn’t pollution because it is already rotting, it is already disintegrating, it is already going back to the earth. You want to know what the real pollution is? That paved road you just threw the apple onto. That car you just threw the apple out of as you drive around. That office where you feel bad throwing a banana peel directly onto the ground. Yes, we have our ideas of pollution almost totally backwards.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Watching Rap Videos

I’m not trying to stay relevant, I’m not attempting to sell any of this shit. I’m not trying to find a fan base, or looking to cash in on this feverish mind pace. I’m not looking for a way to make these words make millions, they are already worth more to me as they are. I don’t need a thousand followers or even one person listening, only myself, the one who I write it all for, the one good reason. My purpose is greater than that, my reason is for more than making a buck, or even finding others who care - I just want to write this down, let others come to it - share. I just want to get across how I feel and let someone else know, don’t want money intertwined with the things inside my mind that are important to know - mainly the fact that money can’t buy art, it can’t buy this, it can’t buy the love one has for doing what they do. So, keep on rapping about your rims, about your money, about your honeys, about your spins, keep rapping about your paper and I’ll keep rapping about mine. The reason I write might be the same, but this paper is all mine.

Keep posing for the camera, keeping tricking out those cars, keep doing it for all the wrong reasons, keep lowering the idea of art. Keep selling it all for something, keep lowering the expectations of the next generation, keep missing relevance in places most are too busy to care about, keep going on and on about how you’ve made it when if one is to look deep enough, we know it is all a hollow dream that can never be realized. Keep flipping your cash at your cars, shaking booty bumps up and down is what we now call art? Keep playing to the masses, keep shouting out your ideas which seem to be matterless. Keep saying nothing with the time you have, keep wasting your opportunity to do some good, keep bleeding away the hemorrhage of your nothing mind sharing your pride of ego with them all.

Hey, look at me I’ve made it. I am here, I have a point to prove. I had nothing in high school, but now look at these bitches following me - now I’m cool. Well, good for you. An ego on display, millions watching your slow mind decay, a point to prove to everyone, but you haven’t even proved it to yourself, living your days for an idea of what you didn’t have, living your life to show others what you now do.

But what is it that you do? What do you have, so little being said, nothing, not even few. What has been done, where have you gone? Nowhere, nothing. You haven’t stepped forward, you haven’t grown, saying the same shit as before, but from a different perspective - your shit is repetitive. Rappers go from rapping about coming from nothing to all they have and they still have yet to learn it’s not about that. All the wrong reasons, all the wrong songs, nothing is in tune, it is all wrong. You are saying nothing, nothing is being said, it is all a mockery of our greatest art - now dead.

I’m here to resurrect the idea of making something have meaning, of using art as a way to get across a feeling. As not throwing out words or belittling them, of respecting each and every one as if it is the last we have left. Every word could be our last breathe and we must say what needs to be said, no wasted motion, no wasted movement, no wasted words - anymore. No toying with this, no bastardizing it, no ruining the very thing I feel is true inside my heart. No disrespecting this great idea known as writing, no more using it as a way to show off your bullshit, no more playing with it and tossing it aside so you can buy, no getting rich and famous as the ultimate but that of writing being the goal in and of itself, the award on the shelf, the prize of oneself. Writing just because one can, because one loves to not because it is a means to something more, not because it is a road to something else, not because it could bring riches, bitches, and wealth.

(11/8/2011 3:12 pm)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ching Chong Chung

I keep seeing these road signs that say “Men & equipment in road.” Well get them the fuck out of there!

Add “…in life” onto any statement in order to sound really deep.
Sage: “My hair is getting really long…in life.”
Pee-on normal person: Wow, this guy is deep!
Mystic: “My cat is sitting on my lap while I sit on the couch…in life”
Everyday jerk-off: Shit! This guy will blow your mind, he has so much wisdom!
Philosopher: “Writing is one of my favorite things in life…in life”
Idiot masses regular old douche: FUCK! This guy is like taking acid…in life”
Guru: There you go, now you are catching on
…in life.

If you write a scientific paper proving a new theory, but accidentally drop it into your Snack Pack, the proof is in the pudding.

I saw a leather jacket in the middle of the road. From far away, it looked like a dead animal. Technically, it was.

Something I noticed is that recently I haven’t noticed as much as I have noticed before about things. At least I noticed this. Noticing about my lack of noticing is something I am lucky to notice.

Things you don’t see very often: A female fascist dictator.

Exclamations I appreciate: "Holy nutsack dribbles!"

Where have all the cowboys gone?? I ask, where do all the hair ties go? life

Susan B. Anthony just seems like the type of bitch who would not wipe her own ass because it would be “too degrading to women.” I seem like the asshole enough to say it.

I want to meet a lesbian feminist with a girlfriend whom she belittles, disrespects, demeans, and keeps down. She is pretty much what a male chauvinist is to women, but she is a lesbian feminist woman doing it to another woman. Anytime the girlfriend attempts to speak, say anything, or have an opinion, the lesbian feminist is just totally condescending and demeaning towards her and her ideas. I like this character. I want to meet someone like this. She must be out there.

Cockles of my heart. Ahah. Cockles. That sounds great.

You ever get a really good booger, then you lose it? Don’t you hate that? I do. You know you do too. It is just a matter of admitting it to yourself.

No one ever claps when they learn they have it.

Washboards were once used to hand wash clothes. Now they are wall decorations. I wonder if one day you will walk into someone’s house and they will have a washing machine hanging on the wall as d├ęcor.

Imagine if whales had to use condoms.

The early bird gets the worm, but the one too tired to wake up because he was up all night fucking has the most fun.

The early bird gets the worm. I wonder what the early worm gets. Eaten by the bird, apparently.

I don’t like having a mustache. But I like it even less when my girlfriend does.

Hunter S. Thompson isn’t the great gonzo writer, Jim Henson is.

Have Some Fun:
Next time you are sitting next to someone, slightly turn towards them, and in the most polite way, gently ask, “Can I strangle you?”

Dress up as a farmer, making sure to wear coveralls, and stand outside the local McDonalds shouting, “give me my cows back” until authorities arrive.

Asphyxiate your ailing elderly uncle just for the hell of it.

Driving around, when you come to a stop sign, stop…and don’t go again. Once the cars start to get backed up behind you and someone says something, calmly explain your reasoning for doing so. “I am obeying the sign” should be sufficient. You can add a nice “asshole” at the end of the sentence if you want to be stylish about it.

Okay, you’ve got a button, a Hacky-Sack, a college ruled notebook, a jar of mustard, a hammer, a soiled pair of boxer shorts and enough clown makeup to make the Insane Clown Posse jealous. Time to start doing some property damage.

When conversing with people, ask them yes or no questions, and when they respond, always react as though they gave the opposite answer. Example: “Do you like driving trucks?” “No” “Yeah, they are great, aren’t they? Good for moving stuff and very powerful. I personally like the Dodge Rams the best.” This will get funny after about the seventh one.

If you are a man, shave your legs. If you are a woman, grow out your armpit hair. It is always good to keep people guessing.

Next time you are watching TV, anytime something lame happens, kick your pet. Hey! Stop beating your cat mercilessly!

Kill yourself. For a suicide note, just have, “I thought the safety was on” scribbled barely legible on a piece of scrap paper. That should keep them thinking for a bit.

Once you have used an entire bag of cat litter, keep the bag. After you buy a new bag, every time you are changing the litter box, put the used litter back in the empty bag. When it is totally full of dirty litter, have it professionally closed back up. Return it to the store, claiming that “the gods of the future sent me used littler in this bag, instead of new shit - haahahah, get it, new shit?!” You have to say that exact thing, laugh included, otherwise, this won’t be as funny.

Adios compadre. If you're not of Mexican-American descent, that means "peace out, homes." If you're not black, that means, "I'll catch you on the flip side old chap." If you aren't a total fruit, that means, "ching chong chung." If you aren't Chinese, that means "See you later, buddy."

There Is A Gap

There is a gap
between us
the humans
and nature
and it wasn’t always there

We have created a rip
a tear
in the idea of living as we should

There is a gap there
that we never quite get to see
and few rarely notice
because it is one of the things
that we don’t want to see
about ourselves

There is a gap between nature
and humanity
that wasn’t always there
and we need to get things back to the way they were
and be able to live with it
instead of being able to survive
outside of it

There is a gap
we have created

We are separated from it

We are not with it

We are distinct
We are our own
We are surviving amongst each other
putting all our chips into one pot
betting on this idea
of humanity
being able to uphold
so much pressure

The only thing that might be able to
that has been able to
has been nature itself
the planet
and our ability as humans
throughout time
to be able to live in accordance with it
as part of it
instead of
distinct from it

There is a gap there
that few want to realize
and it widens as time progresses
and we get a little bit further
from the place
we were meant to be

(9/18/2011 3:45 am)
Hug the individual and you have loved humanity.