Friday, November 18, 2011

The kids don’t read anymore, it’s boring to them. They don’t like listening to old men talk about how much candy bars used to cost. They like some fantasy realm listening to music about guns and drugs. The kids don’t read anymore, and I don’t blame them, I never did either. It takes a lot of luck to find a writer worth reading, and a near miracle to find one different than the rest. There is a sea of eternity out there, and we are all one fish in that sea. This is a haystack, and each and every one of us is a small needle. I’m here to stick this needle to them.
A Great Sentence

After I left my duplex, I was getting road head from a mulatto midget while driving my hybrid, and I noticed that it is only half as good, especially for me, a bisexual.


Saw this on the railroad tracks near Ashland St., North Adams

Thursday, November 17, 2011

g/ od

the ego of man
what a folly it is to fight over god

the confusion of mankind
nowhere more evident
than in the fact that out of the greatest love
comes our greatest hate


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Beautiful views of the mountains
obstructed by our wires

We all have to get somewhere
to something
we forget
where we already are

(11/15/2011 Harmony St., Adams)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Leaf Blowers & Life

I jammed my finger. So then, I peanut buttered the other one. Then I put them together. Finger sandwich time, mother fucker!

I saw a billboard that said, “1 in 6 Americans struggles with hunger.” Apparently, 1 in 6 Americans doesn’t know what “struggling with hunger” actually means.

Sometimes, you don’t know you’ve got it, but you do. Worse off, you think you don’t. It is one thing to have it without knowing it, but it is even worse thinking you don’t.

Everything is recycled - even the people.

I was walking by two kids, probably 7, 8, or 9 and they were playing with a plastic toy gun. I said, “No guns, only love.” The kid said, “I love my gun.” Touche.

You can’t have environmentalist without “mental.”

A: What do you want to do with your life?
B: Not be defined by my job.

On ads for alcohol they say, “Drink Responsibly.” So when you get cocked and drive your car home totally fucked up and barely able to stay on the road, at least do it responsibly.

If you don’t smell by the end of the day, then you aren’t working hard enough.

Can anyone rationally explain to me a reason that a leaf blower exists? Don’t say, “to blow leaves.” That’s not a good enough reason.

Just a note to think about: We live in a society where leaf blowers are relevant.

Don’t deal with boredom. Make it something else.

Who am I, they want to know. Just some guy who will one day be dead. Until then, I’m just attempting to be in awe of this great thing known as life.

When you risk it all, it is the only way to ever possibly get that much back. If you risk a little, you get a little back. If you risk it all, you have the possibility of getting it all back. It doesn’t always happen. But when it does, oh, it makes it worth it for all the times it didn’t.

Whenever you hear, “according to researchers…” always be weary.

Humble yourself at the idea of it.

Make your life such that when it is gone, life itself is missing something because of it.

Much like it isn’t how much you make, but how much you save, it isn’t how many years you have, it is how much you pay attention during them.

I’m not totally alone. I have the entire universe.

Reality is the fiction of something greater than we could ever imagine ourselves.
Mock. Live longer. Come to understand. Accept.