Friday, December 2, 2011

Pictures & Thoughts

Yes, that is right, “Yard Beautification.” We have come to that point as a species.

Randy Marsh, my writing notebook, and orange juice. Life is good.

Two Dandelions Still Fighting (December 1, 2011 North Houghton St. Clarksburg)

This was written on an abandoned house on Brooklyn St. in North Adams. They are urging us to "PLEAE KEEP PEACE." Not sure what that means. Always spell-check before doing political/philosophical/meaningful graffiti.

This tree is their "Private Property." (Brooklyn St. North Adams)

I went by this rally before and there were about 8 people there. If 8 people is the 99%, someone has done the math wrong. (Store Window, Main Street North Adams)

A thong on the ground on East Jordan St, Adams. The funny part is that it was about 40 feet up the street about a week before, meaning somehow it got moved. Why I took a picture of it I am not totally sure. Probably to point this shit out. I'll keep you updated on the whereabouts of the dirty thong on the street.

Yup, the church is for sale, and apparently god is a fan of Steepleview Realty. (corner of Commercial St. & River St., Adams)

Just thought this was cool. (Walking bridge near Heritage State Park, North Adams)

So, they think that if you aren't a good father and you happen to see this billboard of Lion King, it might convince you to be one. I'm lost. (Adams/North Adams border Howland Avenue).

What the Indians warned us about. I heard they are going to put a dollar store here. Great. (next to Dunkin Donuts, Colombia Street, Adams)


The man showed up fashionably late to the ritualistic sacrifice. He was punished for it by being killed in ritualistic fashion.

I sometimes think “foot” should have been spelled “fut.”

I have an addiction. I’m not addicted to cocaine, drinking, or even gambling. I’m addicted to cracking skulls when punks start static. We don’t have many meetings, but when we do, Fred Durst always pulls a no show.

The problem is that not many people are worth listening to. Another problem is that most of the ones who are worth it are either kids or young. Yet another problem is that you have to get old enough to realize this. By then, you wasted a lot of your time listening to people not worth listening to because you weren’t old enough to know that most of them aren’t worth listening to.

When you are young, it is the only time you don’t talk or think about your age all that much.

“I don’t want to win the lottery or nothing. I don’t want anything to change. I just want my life to stay the same.” - Guy at 18 Temple St. that I deliver to when I asked him how things were. (day before Thanksgiving 2011)

A bisexual shopaholic loves both Dick’s and BJ’s.

The idea of a new wallet is odd: You go and pay money for something that you are going to keep your money in.

It is no coincidence that bet and debt rhyme.

My life is not my work. My life is my work.

It is odd to think that someone has to register as a sex offender:
“I am a sex offender.”
“Well, are you registered?”
“Oh, sorry, doesn’t count.”

Women will never understand men until they can comprehend why men are so obsessed with boobs. Men will never understand women until they can comprehend why a woman would willingly wear a thong.


If smoking is banned within 20 feet of school property, I think eating McDonalds should be as well.

You might think I get high and then play basketball, but it isn’t like that. My eyes are just bloodshot because I just put these one time use contacts in for the sixth time.

I just wanted to share that with someone who would understand. I just wanted to tell that to someone who would get where it is coming from in my mind. I just wanted to let you know, because I know you know me enough to understand what it means to me. I just wanted to share that with someone who would understand what I mean by it. I just wanted to get that across from my mind to yours because I realize that you know me enough to know why it is important for me to tell it to you.

Considering the fact that it’s vomit, honey doesn’t taste too bad.

Start eating with your hands. Somehow, it tastes better. Seriously, try it. Don’t use a fork or spoon. Shovel that shit into your face with your fingers. It will taste better. I’m not sure how this works, but it does.

Quote once said to my dad when he was talking about his 10 for $10 porn DVDs of which he has about 100: “I’m gonna inherit those.”

The way it is now, the only progression is regression.

Basketball: I hate when someone is so wide open and you make a great pass to them only to find out that the reason they were so wide open is that they are on the other team.

In one moment, you can throw everything away and its too easy to do so without realizing it until it is too late.

We will always grow the mountains between mountains and men.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pictures From Boston

I'm used to the sticks around here in Adams, so I had to take a picture of this big metal wirey thing resembling a tree off the highway on route 1 near Norwood. I call this, "The Ugly Tree." Yeah, I can get all artsy-fartsy when need be. Don't hate.

"Juicy Socialite" shirt. Someone will not only wear this, but will pay money for it. I thought this fact was hilarious. Just think about the fact that they will wear this around in public. Nevermind that I wear a Superman outfit around in public - this shit is weirder. (Kohl's)

Wow, what a great deal! Get it while you can! Buy 10 and get one free! This is too absurd to be real, but it is. (CVS in Norwood, MA)

This is at McDonalds. No, I did not eat there. Yes, they have computers with functioning internet. Yes, I purposefully put the websites on Facebook and Wikipedia for this picture. A kid came in and said, "You can go on Facebook at McDonald's now?!" My sentiments exactly. Shit is getting weird, folks.

I got all creepy and took a picture of this leaf peeper, thus becoming a peeper of a peeper. Fucking weirdo. Stop taking pictures of random shit, you dork.

Beetles Ruining Trees

In Massachusetts, there is a billboard, made out of paper which is trees that have been cut down, raising awareness about the Asian Longhorned Beetle, a beetle which is known to ruin trees. So, what we have is a tree that has been cut down and killed promoting the stopping of a beetle so that it can no longer kill trees. We are so worried about the beetles killing the trees, but are so caught up in ourselves that we can’t see that we are doing the same thing.
Say something with your life.