Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Only The Finest

A woman puts a beautiful tablecloth out. Hand-stitched, white, and with an immaculate design that took weeks to make, she fans it into the air and it neatly lands on the table. Then, she makes her way around the solid oak chairs, fixing all the corners and rubbing it down so as to make it lie flat.

She goes over to the display case, and finds her most expensive China dishes. Although they are not dirty, she puts them in the dishwasher which is otherwise empty, and presses the “on” button. After going through the cycle, the dishes, warm to the touch and literally sparkling clean, are placed precisely on the table. Then, she grabs her thickest heaviest silverware and after folding the light green cloth napkins in a design the learned on a trip to Asia (which no one she has met in the States can quite reproduce), she puts the silverware down in the proper way that was taught to her in Home Economics class way back in seventh grade.

She goes over to her liquor cabinet and grabs her best wine glasses. After using a cloth to rub around the edge of each glass, she puts them down on the table. She walks to the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine out of her hand crafted, wood carved wine holder she bought from France. This specific bottle is of her best quality, being made by a family of aristocrats and then aged the perfect amount of years. She tilts the glass and pours a glass for herself, her husband, her 37 year old son, and his wife.

Lastly, she goes over to the side drawer and gets six candles. With Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D minor playing softly in the background, she uses a match book she has had since her wedding night that reads, “Julie & Richard 1956” to light the candles. After she lights them, she flicks her wrist ever so slightly and a small wisp of smoke goes up into the room. She dims the light just enough to set the mood.

That is when the doorbell rings. The pizza delivery man has finally arrived.

More Pictures Of Things

Railroad tracks behind 7/11 and Burke Construction, Adams.

Montgomery St. North Adams

Tea & Writing. A typical morning around here.

FTW. I loved this, not sure why. (Walking bridge connecting Colombia and Murray St., Adams)

East Hoosac St, looking towards Hoosac St, Adams

Sunset at my Mom's house, North Eagle Street, Clarksburg

West Main Street Bridge near K&M Motors, North Adams

Hillside Cemetery, West Main Street North Adams

My dad and me.

Adams Night Sky (Ashuwillticook Trail behind Adams Visitor's Center, looking towards Adams Cooperative Bank)

Parking lot behind Big Y, North Adams

Taste the Earth.

Me and Els. Liz cooking in the back.

Apparently, someone thought the street had a cough. (Harmony St. Adams)

A bird. (sky above Russell Field, Adams)


I think my cats know something
that I don’t

I can see it in their eyes, on their face
as they lie on the bed next to me

They aren’t hiding it
they just know it

Look at them

They have something
I don’t

They have something
we as people
are missing

I look at my cats
and simply lying in bed
they do with style-
they have this way
that we just don’t

It might be
because they come from the feline family-
lions, tigers, that sort of creature

these fuckers have style
they have grace
even when they aren’t doing anything-
even when they just slightly close or open their eyes
they do with such personality

I look at my cat
lying next to me
and he looks back-
he knows something
that I don’t
and he’s not about to tell me

(12/7/2011 1:38 pm)


Red clouds of fire encompass the sky, green lighting strikes at the will of the gods, a chariot full of purple horses carrying blood red demons with black hoods and keyhole like eyes pinpoint death with their pitchforks of doom. Humanity has fallen.

Grey smoke chokes away life as it lines the sky, scraping holes into the gaps of the atmosphere. Sheets of sharp ice fall from above cutting through skin, ripping flesh to reveal dark maroon pools of blood from people. Children with wondrous eyes stare up at awe only to be destroyed by small charcoal fire rocks which explode into their blue twinkling bulbous gazes.

Adults ponder their existence while groups jump hand in hand off steel grey bridges, splashing into the murky cold water below, becoming nothing but stale death as their Jello-like bodies smack against the hard concrete of the water which results in a shotgun like explosion of human organs all mixed and matched into the flowing stream. The rotting flesh in the running water turns it into a yellow green bubbling liquid that steams at the top, as frogs and fish vaporize from the toxicity, it only creates more running red flow of rot.

The smell protrudes of a dump, flies buzz by in thousands looking to feed off another rank decaying body. There are heaps and piles of humanity stacked in layers, hands protruding, feet indistinguishable from one another, rotting green flesh opens to reveal black organs oozing yellow puss from all pores. Streets explode with quick flashes of fire, revealing white light amongst flying limbs.

The death riders amongst their horses storm the town in a tornado like furry chaining those unlucky enough to be alive. Foot to foot they are chained with sharp steel so tight that around the ankle the skin begins to fill with blood, rising an inch above the rest, becoming a purple ring of anesthesia around their numb feet. They are unable to stand as the metal chains suffocate the life of their toes, slowly rotting away to a light blue tint of uselessness.

The red demons with keyhole eyes drag the bodies across the hot black pavement, scraping faces to reveal long lines of blood behind the forceful power of their chariots. Chunks of skin ripple off, crumbling in clumps disintegrating onto the road, noses become eroded to flatness, lips are ripped from their redness to reveal only bits of tattered and torn skin between blood and shattered teeth that break off in pieces and plunge forcefully into their throats. As they are being dragged, they reach down into their guts to attempt to scream, but the master of their destiny will not allow for complaints.

Machine like birds come from the sky, with their fluorescent flashing lights and their sleek black exteriors gazing down on a world filled with colorful confusion. The steel vultures come from the sky of doom pecking with their black beaks at anything even remotely alive. People holding onto life, crawling in the ruined, fiery streets reach for help, but they are pecked to death by the annihilation vultures which have come from a blackened sun.

Wind storms of sharp sand amongst a sky of moody orange-yellow blind people as the sand creeps into every bit of their eye sockets, filling retinas with dirt, corneas with irritation, and eyes with total darkness. They are unable to see the laser like orange sunbeams striking through the blackened clouds of darkness that light up the sea of bats which keep the darkness in tact. Those now blind are blessed to not see what else is to come in this hell known as earth.

Mutant dogs with extended, thick tusk-like yellow fangs rotting to patches of brown and green smell of cancer as they roar their barks of forever-hate. These six headed demon animals look like Rottweilers and sound like the echo of the cascading black mountains. Their continuous bark is a piercing loudness that slices through eardrums of any unlucky enough to hear it, causing a slow trickle of blue blood, dripping with a tap onto the flesh of their dirty, scabbed over shoulders. The minds of those sorry enough to hear the boisterous noise of these monster canines lose control of mental functions as their brains slowly melt away through their ears, piece by piece. Solid turns to liquid and pieces of infected brain fall out of their ear holes like the vomit of a Picasso painting.

The zombie like creatures that remain, half brained, spew their acid spit at any life form they see, scratching and clawing at others in an attempt to take their life in order to save their own. Amongst dinosaur like mega creatures of metal, even the zombies can’t hide as their bodies crush revealing their diseased interiors. Under the weight of these hyper-millennium human creations that have taken over, nothing will survive.

Just To Clarify

Recently there has been some god talk on here (more than usual, at least), especially in the post below. I don't want to sound like a rambling religious freak, so just to be sure I would also like to say fuck god. Yes, fuck 'em. That should even things out. Fuck god. Fuck his son. Fuck your belief system. Fuck mine. Fuck the whole godforsaken thing (ahahah, like that wordplay?) Laughter is more important than god. Fuck Jesus. Fuck Muhammad. Fuck Joseph Smith. Fuck whoever the hell else. Thank you. I am glad to have gotten this off my chest.


I think god had something important to say, but the problem is that if he was god, he would be smart enough not to tell it to a human. I think god told it to the sky, the sea, the mountains. I think god told it to life itself. I think god was smart enough to know that any of his ideas couldn’t be wasted, squandered on the idea of humanity. I don’t think humans are some special form of life which god cups his hand to the ear of and whispers to. I think the universe, I think life itself is where god lives, where god resides. I think he can be heard in the wind, seen in the sunshine, and felt in the idea that we have been blessed with this idea of life at all (if our lives are good enough to let us appreciate such a thing).

(12/4/2011 12:34 am)

You look at the stars and wonder
connecting you with the past of humanity

Wonder is like hope
in a way

It’s a joy when there might not be any

Wonder is underrated

To sit in awe of something
To not be sure of it

science tells us some things-
the stars are gasses clustered together
but to me
no answer is good enough
to answer the questions of life’s mysteries

I’d rather be in wonder
than know

I’d rather not know at times
than be so cocksure
of a truth

I stare at the clouds, the sky, the stars at night
knowing I don’t know - wondering
and I’m glad I’ve been given such a thing


Soldier Of Freedom

If the afterlife was a mirror of your entire life, would you want to look into it?

I was looking for my hair tie. I was looking all over for it, pissed off that I lost another one. I found it. It was in my hair.

You are alive, and so am I. Something brought us together. You are reading this. That’s cool. We met, somehow, even if only our minds, thoughts, ideas. Wherever you are, whatever you are, whoever you are, it was great to have some sort of connection.

I wish I could get drunk with my cats and talk about shit.

It’s herd out here for a pimp. I just always wanted to write that.

Look at the sky, feel the wind, realize that your body is made to live amongst the Earth - with it, not separate from it. Go outside, walk, ride a bike, run, enjoy it. It is part of you that you are missing if you don’t. Get back to the very roots of where you came. You came from the Earth, you are part of the Earth. Go out and be with it. Let it get back into you and it will give something back, it might make you feel something you have never felt before - I know it has for me.

Time flies when you are having fun, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun.

I’d be so weird if I was normal.

Somewhere, people fell off. I’m not quite sure where. But, somewhere, humanity fell off. I think it was when we started working so much in order to pay other people to do things that we could learn on our own. I think it was when we decided that we needed money to pay for so much stuff around the house instead of doing it ourselves so that we could spend our lives with those we love. I think it was when we decided that going to work amongst strangers was better than staying at home with those you love working around the house to keep things going.

People are so far unconnected that they can’t even see that they one day were. That is how long it has been. That is how far we are from where we need to be. The chain of humanity to nature broke a long time ago, so long ago that we can’t even see that we were once part of it. We think we are some distinct separate link because we are so far disconnected from what we really are. Our natural state. It is so far, that the odd people in society are the ones more in tune with that - doing what was once totally naturally (still is, but we just can’t see it anymore).

If you are too cool to laugh, you aren’t that cool and people are probably laughing at you for thinking you are too cool to laugh.

They are saying so much, but not saying much at all. There are many words coming from their mouths, many letters filling many pages on many books, but very little actually being said.

A glimmer of hope can wipe away a nearly insurmountable amount of despair.

Humans want all of the fun and none of the consequence.

A guy I deliver to said “God bless you.” I thought, “He already has.”

As a kid, I saw adults as adults. Now that I am one, I see them as children that have just grown up. I see them as kids that are a bit older. I see them as physically grown up, but I know that deep down, mentally, they are still just as unsure (or should be) as when they were kids. I just see them as kids in an adult body and I can never get back to seeing them how I used to.

Rite-Aid sent me an email that for a limited time, I can get a flu shot there for $19.99. Think about all that for a minute.

You are here for a little bit, able to see, feel, touch, hear some shit. Then, you are gone.

I am 26, which means I am almost 30, which is almost 40. 40 is only 20 years away from being 60. Shit, I’m old.

Some of our ideas and inventions are genius, but our use of them is more than the opposite. Look at electricity. A genius discovery/invention/way of harnessing a natural energy. But, our use of it is so out of control, so fucked up, so bad. We take this really genius idea and just overuse it to the point that we have put a genius idea to use in a totally nongenius way.

Soldier of freedom.

It is better to live in a valley with others to tell stories to than stand alone at the top of a mountain for the rest of time shouting truths you have realized that no one else will ever hear.

We wouldn’t cry at death if we didn’t have life.

When writing, you shouldn’t ramble on. I was going to ramble on to defeat the entire purpose of this statement, but I think that one sentence sums it up and, honestly, even though I didn’t want to, I sort of rambled on here anyway in a sort of double backwards way of proving my point.

Spit the truth, even if it can be hard to swallow.

Imagine a cat driving a car and you will see ridiculous it is that we all do. Picture them searching around the house for the keys, and walking out the back door towards the garage, keys in hand, ready to get in that thing. See? Fucking nuts, isn’t it?

Don’t read this. If you do it has ruined its purpose. ASSHOLE!

Be an artist and have life be the form of it.

My cat, Larry David has never showered or bathed in his entire life. He smells better than I do after not bathing for one day. How is this possible? How does this happen? Seriously, I just sniffed him while giving him a kiss, and it’s not that he doesn’t smell bad, he actually smells good. What the hell is going on here?

They can tell you what stars “are” but they can’t tell you what they mean.

Have fun, but be safe.

Life bless.
Slipping Time

We are here
evidence that the past has worked
the way it is
has been more than enough
to pass our seed on
to watch our children grow

What is the evidence that the future will hold such a fate?

Why are we going so far away
from what has worked?

Will they one day read this
and realize
we are far too ahead of ourselves?

When will we realize
that enough is enough
too far is too far

When will we open our eyes and see
that the past is our roadmap
and we have traded it in for some question of the future?

When will we turn around
to see our past
instead of being so fixated
on the future?

Our past should be our future
because here in the present
is the proof that it worked.

(12/5/2011 1:23 am)

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Faceless March

Plastic machine men
with minds of another

Armies moving toward nothing
following no goal but of that supplied by their superior

A void
faceless monster
with no feelings
this army of war creates

Men half a thing
with no feelings
only actions-
actions told to them as orders-
and they follow suit

Machine men
stepping their way towards hate

Machine men
robotically moving in a direction not of their choosing-
but they choose to follow the orders

Machine men
plastic forms
all looking the same
all feeling the same-

No emotion but hate
No action but death
No life but a way to end it

This army of hate marches on
through the centuries

Men have been tricked
following orders of another
stepping without thinking
killing without knowing
bombing without caring
taking life without having one of their own

The faceless march continues…

(12/5/2011 1:03 am)