Sunday, December 11, 2011

Looking In A Mirror

Is this who you are?

Is this what you are meant to be?

Is this what you thought you would become?


I was just a kid once
and I lost her-
my gram

I’m an adult now
and it doesn’t change a thing

I still miss her
more than anything can say

I only hope I one day see her again


Eventually, I Want To Shit Outside

You know how people remember where they were when JFK was shot or on 9/11? I remember where I was the first time I watched South Park. That shit was far more important to me.

Being lost can be nice because it leaves the possibility open of being found, which is an amazing feeling. Being lost might be better than always knowing where you are because when you are lost and then found, it makes it even more amazing, it makes you appreciate it more.

Another reason I can’t stand Will Smith: His daughter.

No matter how cool you are otherwise, if you like Willow Smith in any way, it supersedes everything else about you and makes you lame.

I’m a vegetarian, I aint got no beef.

Words are so plain and that is what makes them so amazing. It is unexpected they can give so much emotion. Thin black words typed on a white sheet. And, they can be moving, meaningful, strong. Such a simple thing they are, but so complex in what they can do, what they can facilitate.

Say what’s in your heart. Share your soul.

The young healthy jerk-off became an old sick fuck.

I don’t ask what your feelings are because I’m afraid of what they might be.

Just because it’s all you’ve known doesn’t mean it’s all that you have to.

Sugarcoated Holocaust. Honey-dipped 9/11.

Attempting to sugarcoat the Holocaust. Dipping 9/11 in honey. Putting a cherry on top of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Laugh track over the massacre of the Indians. Smiley face drawn over suicide. Chocolate covered abortion. Look at that sparkling clean mass genocide!

Regarding iPhones, 3G, 4G, etc: If you need the internet everywhere you go, you have problems.

If only I could somehow teach my cats to go to the fridge and grab me a beer, things would be much better in this moment.

Babylon: Something I tend to do a lot.

Emotion is wasted when it’s not shared.

I don’t care if I don’t agree with your opinion, if you are an artist and you are laying it on the line by speaking your heart, I totally respect what you are doing.

When you can no longer tell the difference between what is being satirized and what is reality, it’s time to stop laughing and get serious.

No one really knows anything. They are just repeating shit they heard. And, that shit they heard was heard from someone else who didn’t know anything who was just repeating it from someone else who didn’t know anything.

A lot started going wrong at about the same time that people started thinking that they needed to shower every day.

I was watching a video and I realized both people in it who were talking to each other were dead. A conversation between two dead guys.

Some people could have all the money in the world and they still wouldn’t be rich.

Instead of the parents raising the kids, I think the kids, at times, should be raising the parents. Actually, I think sometimes that is what happens.

I deliver to a guy who lost both of his legs in an accident last winter. On the way out going back to my car, I started thinking: I have legs. Sometimes I forget that. They work. Awesome. I forget how good I have it.

I am an animal. I am a savage beast. I want to be a totally free savage animal beast. I am that at my core. I want to be like that more. I am that. I want to be that as much as I can be. I want to be the animal that I am. I am an animal. There is no denying it. I am a savage. I am like a dog, like a cat, or a bear. I am a lion, I am an eagle, I am a rhinoceros. I am an animal, but they call my species human. I am just an animal labeled a human. Don’t get it confused. I am more animal than human. It is more of my base.

You don’t find style like this in a salon.

Style is in the soul and therefore cannot be stolen. It is something deeply personal that no one can get to - EVER.

We have confused need and want. Totally. We have melded it into one thing when it is actually two totally different things. We have let them overlap, let them become one thing. We have totally forgotten the difference between need and want.

Eventually, I want to shit outside.

Imagine if I went to a job interview and was totally honest. “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” “Hopefully shitting outside.” “You aren’t quite what we are looking for.”

For the generation before me, it was a “blow job.” For mine, it was “getting head.” I wonder what it will be for the next one.

You have to live on with the legacy you leave the world. You live on in the legacy of the ones you love who knew you, who remember you, who pass on some of you to someone else.

I play soul music with just my words. I play soul music without any instruments. I just sing the song of my soul onto the page through my words. Musical, isn’t it?

People always mention “ice cold beer.” That is a chunk of beer ice.

I was at a bar, and a Train song came on. Then, I had a realization. Fuck. I like Train. Godamnit.

Diddler on the roof. Get him down from there, this is a neighborhood, people can see him.

There are two TVs in the bathroom of the Mountain Club, a bar in Adams. It has come to this. And, they are behind the toilet, so that only time you can watch them is if you are pissing. You can’t see them if you are taking a shit. Wow.

Wal-Mart first of the month! Pizza House on the third! Broke by the fourth!

I know you from somewhere - don’t I?

Thanks for reading, John.
The goal is not the only part of the journey.
The Law Of Motion

Birds are better than airplanes
feet moving forward better than wheels on a car doing the same
earning something much more rewarding
than having something do it for you

The struggle
is part of the success
that makes it worth it

The time put in
what is given back
when something is accomplished

The days go by
and we forget to realize them

Sleeping through sunrises
working through sunsets

It is so easy to forget
all that there is
to remember

(12/7/2011 2:04 pm)
It is small steps toward nothingness. I am crawling toward simplicity.