Saturday, December 31, 2011

Never Forget

Never forget.

Never forget everything you have ever had.

Everything you have ever shared.

Never forget.

Never forget.

Never forget all of it that was.

Never forget all the moments together.

Never let it just fade.

Never forget.

Never forget.

(12/31/2011 10:32 am)
A: What day is it?
B: A day there has never been before and never will be again.
Give it time.


It Must Be

Is regrowth beautiful enough to warrant death? It must be.

Are the smile on the faces of my nephews and niece enough
to warrant the death of my grandmother
and all the emotion that comes with that?

The torch must be passed.

There is no way to hold back life
nor death

It is only a cycle
that continues on

Would I trade this for that
or would I come to learn
how to be more rich full of experiences and life
because of how it all was?

Is the spring great enough
to endure the winter?

Are the buds of a new season
worth the frozen landscape for months?

Is the old passing on
a reason
that the new are able to develop?

I say yes

I say
it is all worth it

(12/29/2011 11:30 pm)

Friday, December 30, 2011


I would give it all
once again
even after giving so much
many times
and getting nothing back

I would still give it all
even with the knowledge
of how it can end up

I would give it all
this instant
for some sort of love

I would give it all
even though I know the other side of that

I am not scared
I do not fear in the way

I would give it all
right now

I wouldn’t hold back
if I found someone
worth giving it to

Is it you?

(12/26/2011 8:42 pm)
An Abomination

What has happened
to this great, open beautiful country
with stretches of green
mountains of trees
rivers, streams, lakes, oceans?

What happened?

It must have been greed.

The malls went up
where the forests once were

The streets started to carve out the land
instead of the rivers doing so

What happened here?

It must have been greed.

Even the sky is polluted, somehow.

What happened to the vast open areas of nothingness
leaving humans with the ability to think?

What happened to the land as the land
and not some unused blacktopped parking lot caged in with fences?

That must be greed.

We just aren’t a good people.

Much like the slaves
we have shackled the very thing around us
mistreating it because we can

We tie it down
beat it up
rip it apart
abuse it
ruin it
because we can-
because we feel as though it is our right
to do so

But we are only killing ourselves in the end
only killing a part of us
that brings us closer to who we are

An abomination of life
slavery was to the humans
what we are now to the land

(12/7/2011 1:34 pm)

Thank You

Thank you god. Thank you whatever. Thank you life. Thank you something. Thank you for this life. Thank you for blessing me with it. Thank you for making it so good. Thank you. My life is a gift that has been given to me. I am truly lucky. Thank you to those around me, those that have always been there. Family, friends, loved ones. Thank you.

I see neon amongst the trees
billboards secured into the mountains
rivers still running - but now through concrete spillways.

People living, but missing so much life
by not being connected to the Earth of which they are

(12/6/2011 hot dog ranch)
Young Love

To be young and in love
or at least naïve enough to think it is so-
but I’ve yet to come to a feeling like that

(12/7/2011 around 1 am)
Realness In The Eye Of Change

What do you do?
You attempt to enjoy your life
and go with the way it goes

You can’t attempt to fight
it is tough
to come to learn to accept
but you have to

Death can do that to you

It can change you that much - for the better

You can’t pretend it is some way
that it isn’t-
that type of thing
comes back around
in the end

You can’t make something
that truly isn’t

I mean
you might be able to
one cannot be free
caging oneself
to such a lie

You can’t pretend
You can’t make it be
You can’t make it something
that it isn’t

Realness is far more important than stability
Truth supersedes settlement
Going with a passion
going with your heart
is above the greatest
that money can buy

in the eye of change

(12/3/2011 3:43 pm)

Kids on scooters
going down hills
as free as a bird in the sky
but they just don’t know it -
does anyone?

(mid December 2011 Bienek Ave)
People Aren’t As Close As They Should Be

People aren’t as close as they should be

Even those who are together
don’t really share
nearly close to everything
that they are

There is a good façade

Relationships, girlfriend, boyfriends, wives
but it doesn’t go to much more than a label

Together for everyone to know
but they know
they aren’t

People come into each others lives
for a certain amount of time-
never really long enough

Relationships fail
people just don’t know how to be together,
how to share themselves with another

Something is lost here
Something is lost here

Sadness, loneliness

A fake idea
A fake reality of life

(11/21/2011 1:48 pm)
People I Can Do Without:

Anyone who orders pizza delivery for their dog.
Anyone who stops and says, “Wait, let me put my bling on first” right before sex.
Anyone who can spell “inconvenience” but not “convenience.”
Anyone who uses being deaf as an excuse for being cheap.
Anyone whose mind is usually on The Muppets.
People who write out “Gulp” when explaining a story.
Overweight people who site eating as a “passion” of theirs.
Any parents who agree to name their baby “herb.” As in “Herbs & Spices.”
Anyone who wears high heels to Wal-Mart.
The Black Hole

The way it is
the way it could be
creates a gap
so large
if one were to attempt to write about it
they will find
they can’t

(11/15/2011 3:16 pm)
Did You Forget?

Did you forget how beautiful the mountains are?
How vast the sky is?
How deep the oceans go?
How much love one can have for another?

Did you forget it’s all worth it
in the end
or even now?

Unexplainable Tears

Getting so close to touching something
something more than this
something greater than any of it
some sort of emotion
by anything