Tuesday, January 3, 2012


What is with these people who come out during the winter and run around in the dark with a flashlight on their head? What is with these dorks?

Never be so busy that you can’t piss when you have to.

Stop enough to appreciate what you have yet be open enough to realize what could be.

To see the life you have now and to know the one I do, it makes me feel sick to know that it should have been me there but instead I am here.

Some sort of metaphor: You leave to go for a walk, shutting the door to your house behind you, but you always end up coming back home.

Stay real. Stay fresh. Stay cool. Stay you.

Booger dick.

I prayed today. Thanked something, anything. Just stopped enough to be grateful for the life that I am lucky enough to have.

It is sad how sad someone can be.

I’ve figured it out. I’ll never figure it out. I love it so much because of that.

It is like walking across a concrete football field. At the end, what do you have? Nothing. A bunch of wasted time.

Stank Breathe Incorporated.
Stinky Foot Productions.

Wrestling. Writing. Basketball. Life.

Thought while sitting in a field looking at the sky on December 29, 2011: Can we not all kill each other, please?

If you aren’t supposed to being doing it while pregnant, you shouldn’t be doing it ever.

Imagine getting really spinner wasted, then going on a Ferris Wheel.

You get so alone and it doesn’t make sense.

A thousand people dancing
A million people smiling

Running from some sort of loneliness.

Humanity is where the grass ends and the concrete begins.

I’ll always just be a kid who doesn’t really know.

I enjoy getting drunk and talking about how I do my laundry by hand.

I’m still the kid in me that wants to ride a bike during the winter, but I’m lucky enough to also have the adult who knows enough to get dressed properly for it.

Dear Black People:

No, we do not, “Know what you are sayin’.” No matter how many times you say it. We are white, we don’t get it.

Sincerely, White People

WNBA. (wait). That’s the joke. Yeah, I guess it’s not that funny. It’s more depressing than anything.

“Hook me up with your mom.”