Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vas Deferens

The earth might be overpopulated with people, but it’s still nice to know that there are places you can without anyone else being around. Or, you and a friend can be somewhere out in the open where no one else is. I’m glad we still have that. You can still go somewhere outside and be totally alone. Or, you can go somewhere alone with someone else with no one else around.

Vince McMahon has gotten pro wrestling so far away from being pro wrestling that it is now pretty much a gimmick just to be a wrestler. Being a pro wrestler is a gimmick in and of itself now.

She’s a razor blade, man. She’s a dirty razor blade. She’s just a waste. In all ways. Of time, of effort, of care, of love, of yourself, of your life. She’s nothing but razor blade waste. She’s razor blade waste.

Let’s be honest here and admit that no one wants to screw Jackie Chan.

I miss something I might have never had.

There are too many hand shake relationships and not enough hug ones.

“We must look beyond what is to what might be.” - Woman on Iron Man cartoon.

Man, I don’t feel good. My vagina is sore.

Like the poop of a fish with no father, you’re a bastard. Wow, that is a stretch, but I like it.

Across the street from the old folks home is the high school. This means something. Think about it. It says something about growing up or something. I’m not sure what it is. All those old people in the old folks building sitting there while all the kids go to high school. Such different lives, but right across the street from one another.

Love - when you make someone else more important than yourself.
Love - when you care about someone else more than yourself.

I don’t think love is tough, it’s just finding the right people to love that is.

It isn't that life is too short, it’s that life could never be long enough.

Chinese people. AHAHAHAHHAHA!

Instead of calling shotgun in my car, when you want the front seat, you have to call Rosa Parks.

Life isn’t too short. It is just that your own life isn’t around long enough to see the rest of it.

I’m trying to leave my soul here. I want to leave my soul behind. In other people. Through my love. Through my writing. Through my life. With those that I loved. I want to leave it here, in other people.

You are young, baby. You are going to want to do things, and I don’t want to hold you back. You are going to want to do things, and I’m so sick of losing people in my life.

If Jesus’ name was Fart, things would have been at least a little bit different.

You never know when you are going to run across a faggot in the middle of the woods. Or a bear. Watch out for those heterosexuals too, especially if they have a gun. I have no clue what I am talking about at this point, but that is nothing new. (the intended joke was that a "faggot" is a bundle of sticks and being in the woods would therefore heighten the probability of seeing one).

I threw my banana peel in Vermont again.

While listening to the radio I realized that I could puke and make it sound better than some of it.

Start from the premise that people are stupid. It will save you a lot of time.

I’m using the term extremely loosely, but has America produced a more annoying artist than Pitbull? It’s close, right Carlos Mencia?

Pussy spiel. You ever hear a guy go on one of these? It’s when he just starts talking about how much he wants pussy. He forgets he is on yet another pussy spiel. He never seems to apologize for his long winded pussy spiel about wanting/needing more pussy. You know what I am talking about. Every man is guilty of having gone on at least one pussy spiel. Many do it continuously throughout their lives. Very few people call out people for their pussy spiels. I think it is time we start to do so.

I have church Sunday mornings at ten. Some people call it open gym basketball, but I call it church.

In things that are supposed to be, you get back as much as you put in, actually, many times it is more.

Something good would have been written here had I not been so busy at work and had time to actually think and let my mind run free. But, that didn’t happen. It was very busy, so here is this instead. Sorry.

Just what the hell are tears? Seriously think about it. What is that all about?

Thanks for reading, John.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


When I was young I wanted to be someone
then I got older and I realized
I already am

It can feel like forever trying to find something for right now.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wasting Egomaniac

The washing machine is on
the dishwasher is running
I just drained the water from my raviolis-
down the sink it went
and some thirsty kid somewhere
in a third world country
is drinking
dirty, muddy water
from a puddle

(Tuesday July 6 2010 11:56 pm)
Staring At The Clouds

We want to know, then we know, then we realize we didn’t want to know
The mystery keeps us yearning
because the knowing is never as amazing
as the mystery

Keep dreaming-
when you reach your dreams
they aren’t as dreamlike

Keep wondering
it is better than knowing
Keep questioning
it is better than the answer

(Mon June 28 2010 7:25 pm)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I’d rather feel nothing than hate.
I’d rather feel love than nothing.

Who Knows

Go to the bar sober and you realize why people drink.

Dick rug burn. Just attempt to imagine it. Or don’t. Probably best not to, actually.

Now that I am a bit older at 26, and I see my sisters raising their kids, I sometimes wonder how my parents did it. Then I realize. Love.

Many want the glory. Few just want the win.

It isn’t what you love that defines you, but how much you love it.

I am so good at eating Ruffles I haven’t once gotten a chip on my shoulder.

Most of my tears are happiness. And even the ones that aren’t make me happy enough to realize there is something worth crying about.

What is god but life? And where does life come from? A female.

Happiness is just sadness in a different time.
Sadness is just happiness in a different time.

Just because one is stylish does not mean that they have style.

You can always see truth in the eyes. Never, never go against it! EVER! It never lies.

It’s all an illusion, but is it a good enough one?

Say it would take forever to get somewhere that you don’t know if you will make it to but you know you want to be. Would you do it? Would you attempt it? Would you risk it? Would you give it all without knowing the outcome? There is no sureness in the result but only moving toward it. If you think about it, that is life.

Can we hug instead of shakings hands? I know it is gayer, but life is too short not to feel.

Turn over a new leaf? Make like the wind and blow me.

Art is what you get when you hold a mirror up to life.

The smell of the inside of Hitler’s boots.

I have no idea what it means, but I thought it: Hide behind the moon, but the sun will always find you.

Throw your smart phone away. Just take it and throw it somewhere. Right now. Do it. It would do us all some good. Take that thing and huck it at a wall. Yes, now! Do it!

Humans think it is disgusting that flies eat poop, but we steal bee’s vomit and eat it.

You are not an environmentalist until you don’t have a car.

One should never be scared if they know what they are doing is right.

You mainly learn that no one knows what is going on.

You don’t get older, you just get closer back to where you started.

There is nothing like a true friend. There are many things like a fake one.