Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Black people.

Some Thoughts

You know that thing that hasn’t been invented yet? I wonder what we’ll call that.

If my last name was Foot, I would want my first name to be Larry. I’m not sure why.

At times, I don’t like how it is as much as how I thought it was.

I threw my apple core into a running river as I walked by it. It felt so good.

The bar can be the loneliest, most depressing place on the planet when you look at a guy sitting alone at a table with no one to talk to.

Regarding women in high heels: Listen, if you can’t walk, it doesn’t make you look sexy.

Nothing lasts forever (not one thing does). Nothing lasts forever (nothing is a constant thing).

Don’t call it a fanny pack. It’s a mobile storage waistline unit.

Thank you something.

Gas station thought: Humanity is not going to last like this.

Hold a candle up to your life. Do you like the shadow you see?

Nothing matters without love.

I’d rather starve next to someone than get fat alone.

People sit and watch other people’s lives on TV instead of living their own.

A message from my four year old nephew: "Shut your mouth. For real. I’m not kidding. It’s not funny."
Passion. Effort. Determination. Hope.