Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Always, Anything

My passion gets the best of me.
My passion hurts me in the end.
But I would have it no other way
than to risk in such a way.

My passion gets the best of me
the other side of it
is a void just as strong
as the pull within my heart
for a yearning of coming together
with another.

My passion gets the best of me
but I will keep on going with it.

My passion gets the best of me
it hurts me in the end
but the gamble is worth it-
one must dare
in order to reach a certain level.

One must dare in order to get something special
and I will keep daring my passion
to do so-
daring myself
to love in such a way.

Our Creation

Reality might be hard to take
so therefore
we turn to hope.

The way it is can sometimes be so hard
we must create an idea otherwise
to keep us going.

Some call it faith. Hope. Religion.

Whatever it may be.

We need it that much.

We stand in the face of reality and must look elsewhere
because the way it is
can be too hard to know
at times.

Death comes.
Loved ones pass.
People come into our lives and then go.
There is hurt and pain.
Sadness. Loneliness.

We turn away from that.
We look elsewhere, reaching for something more than this.

I think that might be god,
but I’m not sure.

I think that might be god-
it might just be an idea we have convinced ourselves of
because we need it that bad.

(4/17/2012 3:38 pm)

Be random.

Or don't.

It's up to you.

But I find
that life is more enjoyable

when I do so.


Do your thing.

Too Much Information

I like where I am. I might like where I am not, however. Perhaps even more than where I am. I don’t know. There is no way to tell, really. I could always go where I am not, but then, I am there. See what I am saying?

Go take a dump, man.

Sometimes you hold so strong onto the cliff that the rocks crumble beneath your fingers and you fall anyway.

I don’t ever want to be deceased. I’d much rather be dead.

Anything is a word if you want it to be. Asjjklinjilsbxwua. That’s a word. We just haven’t started using it yet. We’ll run out of words to call new things soon enough and we’ll have to start calling something a asjjklinjilsbxwua. I think it is what we are going to call the next thing that replaces the iPad, actually.

Stop saying “yamean.” Yeah, we know what you mean, but please, stop doing that. Actually, you know what, keep doing it. We are getting too much entertainment out of it to let it go.

There are far too many people.
There isn’t nearly enough love.
No matter how much there is, there is always too much hate.
There is so much beauty, but sometimes it is hard to see it.
It is hard to notice how things are; just how ugly they can be.
It is a joy to realize just how beautiful how things sometimes are.
Life; the double edge sword.

Everything is bittersweet. Life itself is.

Have you ever seen a cow run? You should. It’s pretty cool to watch.

(Loneliness) x (Time) = Madness

I want nothing to do with trying to be anything.

Don’t hold back. If you feel as though you have to, then whatever it is that you are doing is probably not worth doing.

Everyone loses. A winner plays again anyway.

No drinks. No distraction. No drugs. No delusion.

Hitler liked bananas.
Hitler liked cereal.
Hitler did not like bananas put into his cereal.

Just what is the difference between a seminar and a sermon?

A six year old Bill Gates goes into the local convenience store and buys 20 penny candies. He is on a budget. He doesn’t know what is to come.

I thought people were more in love. Now I see that many of them are just together.

They have to get better orange juice choices at the bar. Listen, that stuff that tastes like chalk just isn’t getting it done. I would like some Tropicana, but will settle for Minute Maid. Hell, I’d even be happy with Simply Orange in all honesty. Also, the cranberry juice should be 100% juice and not that cocktail kind.

Shower less. Live more.

Crying is a connection to some emotion so strong there is no way to get it out other than through the physical imagery of a tear.

The strength of my weakness holds so tight that it weakens me.

Everything is not one thing. Everything is all things.

Thinking might only be a distraction humans create because they aren’t happy with how things really are.

Shit testicles.

Death: a distant second to life.

We are all reborn as the earth once again.
Less Than A Minute

Wasted time is something
one can never get back.

Try not to squander it,
it passes too fast to do so.

Wasted time
is such a waste
both of time
and of life.

Don’t waste either.

Wasted time-
such a sad thing to look back on and realize.

We waste time
but the problem is
we rarely see it as such
while doing so,
which is a waste
in and of itself.

Wasted time.

Take the time to realize
that life isn’t worth wasting.

(4/17/2012 3:18 pm)
A Dream

I had a dream that I accidentally called you.

We ended up talking as if this was a wrong number
as if we were strangers, which is what we have become.

We said more than we have said in years,
which wasn’t much at all.

It was awkward and weird.

I must have apologized about dialing you accidentally.

I wanted to ask about your life,
you seemed silent enough to want to know about mine.

But it didn’t happen,
it didn’t come out.

Then, nothing more was said
other than goodbye,
which was more than was said before.

I hung up wondering what could have been
sort of knowing what was possible
if things had gone differently.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Did anybody ever tell you that you can do whatever you want?
Did anybody ever tell you that it’s your choice all along?
Did anybody ever tell you that you can make it happen?
Did anyone ever tell you that hope helps?
Did anyone ever mention that sometimes you just have to wait?
Did anyone ever tell you that it is all worth it in the end, somehow, or even now?