Friday, May 4, 2012

Hi, my name is Jim.  I used to scratch horses for a living, but now I repair cars.  Things change.  So do people.  Who knows why.  The wind is amazing.  Think about it.  It’s sort of like the water.  Gay people are interesting.  Nice grey hair, comb that shit you dildo.  Well, we can’t be a couple, sorry, I am not into Amish men who wear pink dresses.  Anyway, have a good’n and keep safe out there on that wild trail.  Eat some raisins and never step on the yellow stained stairs - someone peed on them.
It’s Worth It

On a cobweb - life’s.

Sort of trapped in a way
to how it is.

Sort of stuck in what we are born into.

A spider web - societies.

Pulling us all into its grip,
so little way out,
such a struggle to get free-
but isn’t any effort worth freedom
in the end?


Thank You

Thank you something.  Thank you anything.  Thank you life.  Thank you those around me.  Thank you loved ones.  Thank you family.  Thank you friends.  Thank you sun.  Thank you God.  Thank you water.  Thank you everything.  Thank you whatever.  Thank you hope.  Thank you belief.  Thank you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To kids:
Don’t watch these people, man.
Don’t listen to them.
They don’t know what’s going on.
Don’t live how they do.
Do what you do.
Don’t let them be an example.
They have no clue.
The truth is somewhere.
Don’t let them influence you.
Don’t let their way of living soak in and make you think it is remotely sane just because you live in it.
Don’t dream of college and moving away from all that’s important.
Don’t let the ideas of the masses be what you are about.
You are an individual with your own thoughts - let them out.
Don’t go with how it is simply because that is how it is.
Question it.
Rebel forever.
Rebel your entire life.
There is a lifetimes worth of things to rebel against.
Don’t look up to adults.
They don’t know what is going on.
Most of them are just running through the motions, going with how things are simply because they were born into it.  It doesn’t make it the right way.
Live your own way.
Live your own life.
Don’t let all of this, our society, our ideals, our goals, our dreams be yours.
Don’t try to “make it.”
Don’t attempt to “make something of yourself.”
Don’t attempt to “be somebody.”
You already are.
You don’t have to make something of yourself, you just have to live the life that you want to.
Learn to be happy where you are instead of attempting to find that somewhere else in the future.
Learn to appreciate what it is here and now.
Don’t try to “get somewhere.”  Instead, try to truly be where you already are.
There are other ways of thinking.
There are different ways of life.
Whatever it may be in your mind, go with it.
Don’t let societal standards hold it back.
Don’t let the people around you make you believe it can’t be done.
Live your life.
No one knows what is going on.
Even the adults.
Don’t even think they remotely do.
Don’t let them fool you into thinking they have a grip on things.
Find a hero, and find them as someone close to you.
When they tell you something and you don’t agree, no matter how much older they are, tell them so.
Question them.
Question their actions, their thoughts, their beliefs.
Make them explain it to you.
Make them have it make sense.
Respect their opinion, their way of life, but realize you don’t necessarily have to agree.
People differ.
You can to.
Listen to your heart.
Listen to your loved ones.
Listen to yourself.
Listen to what you know is right.
Never let them tell you otherwise.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


  • Pizza delivery guy.  Check.
  • Dog walker.  Check.
  • 30 day sleep study participant.  Check.
  • Radio talk show host.  Check.
  • Philosopher.  Check.
  • Basketball player.  Check.
  • Writer.  Check.
  • Stand up comedian.  Check.
  • Pro wrestler.  Check.
  • Free
  • Nothing

Working at a restaurant:  “Hey!  Put on gloves.  I don’t want you to use your bare hands to touch the dead body that I am going to eat!”

Keep It Mormon!

Strip it all away.  What remains is what mattered all along.

Philosophy is the woods, it is more or less where you will find it.  Philosophy is loneliness and that is where it makes its presence known.  Philosophy is introspection, philosophy is the universe within thinking about the one on the outside.  Philosophy is the darkness in the forest as the sun fades away.  That is where it will be found.  It is not some happy trip to the beach.  Philosophy is as close to nothingness as we can get.  Philosophy is at the core of thought, which is where it all begins.  Philosophy isn’t something many people understand, or even want to try to.  Philosophy is life, and much in the same, it is something we will never totally know, never totally comprehend, never totally come to understand, but the joy in it is going with the love of it.  Philosophy is chasing its tail towards nowhere, much like life, but the joy is the act of living it, going with it, delving into it.  Philosophy is what connects us to the past and what will bridge the gap towards the future - it is the link from the thought of ages gone by to the thought of today.  It is the minds of years passed somehow becoming part of the minds of today, which will again be passed on to the minds of the future.  It is a connection of thought bringing humanity together in a way, connecting us to where we started.

How come a woman never decides to live in a cabin alone in the woods?

Call up a pizza place and request that instead of having the pizza cut into triangles or even squares, you would like your slices cut into icosagons.

Our particle board minds collapse under slight pressure, they just aren’t made like they used to be.  Our particle board minds cannot uphold nearly anything compared to what they used to be able to.  Our particle board minds are fragile, are cracking with life experiences.  Our particle board minds are basically pushed together powder attempting to uphold the heavy metal of life’s hardships.  Our particle board minds aren’t as strong as they once were because we have forgotten how to use them, because we have forgotten just how strong they can be, because we have not kept them up to snuff by working them out.  Our particle board minds collapse so easily under the weight of life’s hardships.

At 27, jumping up and slapping doorways with two hands when I walk through isn’t as fun as when I was a kid, but I am going to start doing it again.  Now that I can do it whenever I want, it doesn’t seem as cool, but I have to remember what it was like to dream like that, to have that sort of view on things.

Now, people live longer but live less.

Nietzsche should have just went for that menage a trois.

I hiked Mount Greylock barefoot yesterday.  An hour and six minutes to the top.  I wore only sweatpants that were rolled up into shorts.  No shirt, no shoes, no socks, left my bag behind a third of the way up.  Took my sister April’s dog, Jeter with me.   Hair was down.  Probably the freest I have ever been, since childhood.  I was walking along, and I just stopped.  I yelled.  It felt great.  Just yelled out, I had to, I just had this great feeling.  Was surrounded by nature, but the trees, by a lot of life.  Called my dad, a friend called, called another friend, talked to April all on the way up. Walking along in the woods stripped of mostly everything, back to the very nature, back to the very basics of what it means to be human.  It felt so good.  I ate an apple and when I was done, I threw it.  It wasn’t trash.  Wherever it landed was fine.  It felt right.

We run through life, most likely to look back and say, “Where did all the time go?”  You were looking far too much towards to the future to ever appreciate where you were at the time.

Looking to become a one man revolution.

Whatever you do, don’t sit on my apple.

“I see” said the blind man.  “I hear what you are saying” replied the deaf man.  “Shut the fuck up” screamed the one with no sensory problems.

On the radio they had an advert with Flo-Rida saying, “What’s up this yo boi Flo-Rida.”  No.  We aren’t boys.  I don’t even like you.  Your music sucks, but thank you anyway.

A sitcom:  Typical fat American slobs.
This could involve a television show with fat American slobs sitting around watching TV commenting on what they are watching (perhaps other fat American slobs? - I am not sure how far we can go with this, but it might work).

Straight edge are just Mormons who think they are cooler.  You aint.  Aint nobody cooler than a Mormon.

Concrete = death.  Grass = life.

Keep It Mormon!
People I Can Do Without

  • Anyone who responds, “Picking my nose” when asked about their hobbies.
  • Anyone who frequently has these words come out of their mouth: “Hurry up, I gotta get to McDonald’s.”
  • Anyone who says “besties.”  (as in “hanging with the my besties.”)
  • People who say “perusing” a lot.
  • Anyone who starts a sentence with, “Well, when my dad finally croacked…”
  • People who say “ruffage.”
  • Any six year old who thinks Idi Amin is, “cool.”
  • Anyone who converts to Judaism but claims they, “still love Christ platonically.”
  • Anyone who wears make up to go hunting.