Thursday, May 10, 2012

When one born into an insane society becomes sane, society sees it as insane.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thoughts, poetry, jokes, bullshit, nonsense.

Make good memories.  You will spend a lot of your time thinking about them as you grow older.

If all our writing was upside down, the only thing that would change is that it could take longer to read and write it.  We would still be able to do both, it would just take longer.  It is odd to think that if all our words and sentences and paragraphs were put upside down instead, we would still be able to read it, it would just take longer.  Find some upside down words and read them.  You still can, it just takes some more concentration.

Religion is a reflection of culture.

“Yes, I would mind if you beat the crap out of my aunt.”

I just don’t fit into a society where circumcision is the norm.  And honestly, nor do I want to.

The words distract us from the love.  Too many words, not enough love.  It all distracts us from what really needs to be there.  Too many words.  Not enough love.

They make you pay to get into a zoo, but it is free to walk out into the world.

Regarding pastrami:  No meat should be purple.

You say you have a big dick, but you’re lying, it’s a phallucy.

I love when someone says, “Only God can judge me,” because it’s like, nope, anyone can.

Cataclysmic Destiny.

Let’s clone George Michael.  Nah, never mind, let’s not.

oxymoron:  Goodwill corporate headquarters.

Circumcision exists.  So does abortion.  I’m just sayin’.

You know what’s great about being an adult?  You get to live however you want to.

On Living Simply

I’m sure I will miss some things
but then again
I might find some things
that I would have been missing otherwise
had I known they were there.

(5/9/2012 3:30 pm)

Thanks for reading.

How close are you willing to get to someone?
How much are you willing to tell - willing to give, willing to love?
How close are you willing to get to someone?
How far away will you remain, at what distance is too far apart?
How close are you willing to get to someone?
How much are you willing to let go?
How much are you willing to not know?
How little is too little to know someone?
How close are you willing to get to another?
Are you willing to know nearly everything?
Are you ready for something like that?
How distant can you remain and still feel connected to something?
How close are you willing to get to someone?
Would you give it all to know them?
How many strangers can you know without needing to know something more?
How close are you willing to get to someone?
How much time has gone by, somewhat wasted, without sharing yourself with someone?
How close are you willing to get to someone?
How much of yourself are you willing to share, willing to let someone know?
For how long can you remain away?
For how much time can you let go by without at least attempting to understand?
Just how close can you get to someone, just how much of them can you know, just how well can you know them?
How willing are you to get close to someone?
How close are you willing to get?


Standing At A Distance, Watching

We’re all caught up in the music of society
too caught up with blindly following the next
to how it is
to ever see
just how insane
the dance truly is

(5/9/2012 3:26 pm)

The Very Core Of Everything

I looked at the small green tomato that was starting to come into life in my planting pot my mom got me for my birthday.  I realized what we are doing as a people.  We are wiping away life all around us.  We put roads where there should be grass.  We kill the life growing all around us to put concrete so we can drive somewhere.  We are poisoning the air with our gas fumes so we can drive to nowhere.  We have taken the one thing this planet has - life, and we are so selfish, we are taking it all away.  We are taking the only thing any of us has - life, and selfishly wasting it all because we want our lives to be easier.  We are wiping away the food, we are poisoning the water, we are polluting the air.  The food we need to eat, the water we need to drink, and the air we need to breathe.  All being ruined by us.  And, this isn’t just some small thing.  This is the very essence, the very core of EVERYTHING!  No one would be here without these things.  Not one of us.  This planet thrives because it is able to live, because life is abundant on it.  And, we are so caught up on getting somewhere and doing something that we have squandered the very life on the planet.  It is a near miracle this planet was able to give life in the way that it does, and we are slowly taking it all away because we are too caught up on something else.  In what is most likely an endless universe, we are one small planet lucky enough to be able to produce all forms of life - and look at what we are doing with it, look at how we are treating it, look at how we are taking it all for granted.  From history until now, from forever until it ends, we can blame ourselves for wanting things easier than they need to be.  We can blame ourselves for wanting our machines to make things easier so we don’t have to work as hard.  I just think of all the life on Earth, human, animals, plants, trees, the wind, the water, and how it all comes together and all sort of balances on each other, and I look at us toppling it all down for some dream that isn’t worth realizing.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hug the individuals, and you have loved humanity.