Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Pt. I

You ever see those little pieces of grass that break through blacktop and grow?  My dad has them in his driveway.  I feel like that.  I feel like a little piece of grass breaking through some concrete.  I was born into the pavement.  That is what society is now.  I am an individual, however.  I am one piece of grass pushing through a bunch of pavement that is society.  You can see me making cracks.  “Be the change you want to see.”  By doing so, I make cracks in the pavement - other little chances for other pieces of grass to be able to breathe, to be able to live, to be able to get some sun, to be able to get out and do their own thing.  I want to totally burst out of the pavement and be a patch of grass.  I want that for myself, I want that for others, I want that for the planet, I want that for life.

Pt. II

First you have to live long enough to find out what you are about.  Then, you have to be open enough to go with that.  Then, you have to change your ways to live according to that philosophy.  You must rip up the concrete first, and then the next year plant the grass.  You can’t do it all at once.  You first must see the error in the concrete.  As a kid, you play on the concrete, you don’t know better.  You get older, and as an adult, you start to see what it represents.  You have to truly let yourself learn what it means.  Then, once in the mind you know what it is you are about, you can start moving toward that in your life, in your physical being.  You know there should be grass there.  But there isn’t.  There is concrete there.  You have to start to tear up the concrete.  You have to let the earth take back over, you have to give it a jump start (it would anyway, just not in your lifetime - nature moves slower than we do in our minds nowadays).  Once you have cleared the concrete, you can finally let the grass grow.  Then, it comes time to plant some seeds.  To let some more life in.  YES!

Monday, May 14, 2012

It doesn't take forever to get to immortality.

I've got money in the bank but adventure on my mind.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Different Tune

Caught in the goal
to be what it is
that we think we are meant to be
never able to see
just what we are doing
just what is possible otherwise

Caught in some goal of society, some goal of moving toward something.

Blinded by our own lives.
Blinded by the way it is.
Blind to how it could be.
Never truly knowing how it could be - should be.

Punching in again-
a piece of a puzzle we never stop to see that is not worth putting together.

A small part of a greater whole just not worthy of it,
but we just move on
swaying with it, going with it.

This is how it is.
This is what we are born into.
This is what takes drastic steps to stop.

We give in.
We let it continue on.
We are all on that road
towards annihilation
without wanting to realize it.

The children are the students
who learn from the masters we think are so-
nothing but fools ignorant to the fact of what they are doing.

Teaching, learning
going with the lessons passed down
while forgetting what life truly is,
what life is truly about.

We must dance like this.
We must live like this.
We must give in, in a way, like this.
It is so much effort to do otherwise.

Grab the hand of the next
we are all bobbing our head to how it is-
never truly thinking about just how unnecessary
just how futile
just how insane
this dance truly is.

We know nothing else.
We have lived it.

But there are other ways to dance.
There are individuals who dance to the tune of their own music.
They hear something else, they know a different tune.
They bob with that instead - away from the beat of the masses.

They flow with something different.
They are fluid with something most can’t see, most can’t hear, most can’t feel.
They know something few want to realize.

And they keep dancing their own way
all the while
the insane look on
thinking these people are so.

They keep going with the tune of their heart.
To the beat of their own drum.
To what they know is right.

We just can’t hear it as a society-
our ears are shut to anything different.
Our minds are closed off to anything that doesn’t equal the dollar.
Our fears of a different life hold us back from just how much better it can be.

We have it too easy.
We have it too good.
Things are too complacent.
We make it too complex.
We forget.

We forget the simple things
are what is important.

The most meaningful
is the look on someone’s face
that you love.

We are too caught up
driving down the road that has been paved for us
and we have no control of the wheel.

Bob your head, bounce in tune with it
never stop to look
never stop to stand back and see this group
dancing to the insane song
insanely dancing to the insane life

We are here in the corner
watching it all
just recognizing
how crazy it is
but one cannot see it
when so caught up
in the music
of our society.

(5/9/2012 3:17 pm)

Absolute, Undeniable, Utter Nonsense

Here’s the thing about philosophy - it’s just some idiot’s opinion.

People say, “No shit Sherlock.”  But few realize that it is because he was constipated.

Sometimes I think I know too much.  At least for myself.

As humans, we have to waste our time away mowing the lawn.  We spend precious time doing this.  We go to work so that we can make money so we can go to the store to buy a lawn mower, then we go to the gas station to buy gas.  Then, we waste precious time cutting the grass to make it short so it looks good around the place we live - for no real apparent reason other than to fit in to the houses next to us.  What the hell is wrong with us?

Why is there a “p” in “receipt”?

Societies leash only lets you run so far.

So many different lifestyles but so few who live.

Jalapeno popper penis.

One time I was just randomly picking in my ass and I came across a pine needle - and it wasn’t even Christmas time.  To this day I have no clue how it got there or where it came from.

As a species, we are bored.  Look at all the things we do to cover the time that we would otherwise be bored.  We have it too easy.  All of life’s necessities are taken care of for us.  As a species we are bored, we have it too easy.

Time; life’s natural hair gel.

Fuck you.  Yes, you!  Fuck you, mother fucker!  Fuck it all.  Fuck you mostly.  Fuck fuck.  Fuck this sentence and what the fuck I am writing.  Fuck you once again.  Fuck me.  Fuck just for the hell of saying it.  F.  U.  C.  K.  Yes, that spells “fuck,” as in “fuck you.”  Thank you for listening, mother fucking fucker fuck.

When push comes to shove and so called “writer’s block” sets in, you can always write about poop.

Imagine living in the wild hungry as fuck roaming around and finding a watermelon.  Think about that next time you are eating one.

On talking to someone in their teens at the age of 27:  I might sound like an old faggot at this point, which I probably am, but it’s okay.  It’s going to eventually happen to you too.

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was hot?  That was cool.

Hey society, listen up, I have something to say.  I’ll whisper it into your ear if you lean over this way.

James is my bitch.  He is an asshole.

Jesus wasn’t Christian, he was Jewish.  How does that even happen?  The man the religion is named after practiced a different religion.

Peanut butter dildo.

Go ahead, throw your boogers outside.

Ethil Merman’s nutsack

(looking at Mount Greylock, thinking) I always look up.  Then I start to cry.

The mountains within ourselves are what we must overcome.  Finding out what they are can be the hardest part.  We stumble and fall so many times over the rocks that are part of the mountain we don’t even realize we are climbing.  We get to the top without realizing it, then when we get back down, we see what it is we have to overcome.  This time we must walk back up the mountain, making sure not to trip and fall.

A life of excess, we forget what it means to be a real success.  We strive for a life not worthy of being proud of, we attempt to be successful at all the wrong things, we have our goals set in ways that really get nothing done, other than fulfilling some need for something within ourselves.

The amount I love individual humans is equal to the amount I hate them as a whole.

I thought of you and wanted to send a random text to say “hi.”  I wrote the message and when I went to send it, I realized your name and number is no longer in my phone.  When I got my new phone, I knew we didn’t talk enough to warrant even carrying your number over.  It was sad when I looked under my contacts and couldn’t find you in there - realizing my reason for doing so, realizing why I felt it no longer necessary to keep your number with me.  A random “hi” that never made it, another person that moved on from me, another person I was somewhat forced to move on from.

Somewhere, there is a blood stained shadow waiting to be washed away by something beautiful.  Somewhere, there is a man worthy of love with all the right things toiling by, sort of wasting his time away.  Somewhere, there is someone who never gets to meet that person.  Somewhere, there is someone alone who shouldn’t necessarily be.

A few haikus

Don’t let them fool you
No one knows what’s going on
They just think they do.

It is so weird to
sit here and count syllables
language is insane

What happens if you
attempt to write a haiku
then run out of words

I wanted to write
a really unique haiku
but ran out of syll

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

bulimic writers
involuntarily puke
here is some vomit

my cat is right here
(well technically not right here)
sitting next to me

the people downstairs
are making a lot of noise
must be a party