Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Don’t you know you don’t ever tell a rebel not to do something?

What Lies Within The Cracks

Your flags - I don’t care.
Your symbols - I don’t care.
Your politics - I don’t care.
Your countries, rules, laws, beliefs - don’t care.
The way your society works.
The things we find important as the masses.
The groups, the leaders, the followers.  I don’t care.

The people.
The individuals.
Their lives.
The resources.
The land.
The nature.
Your love.
I do.

The sun shining.  That bird flying by.  The common man.  The grass growing.  I definitely do.

Your concrete jungles.  Your cars.  Your overpopulation, leading to people not caring for one another.  I want nothing to do with it.

Your ignorance.  Your religion.  Your god.  I don’t care.
Your life.  Your family.  Your friends.  Your soul.  I do.

Share it with me.

(Summer 2012)

The Overall Theme Is Life

The Living Paradox.

Life - one big question.  As a kid, you think someone has all the answers, probably the adults.  Then, you get older and realize that not even they have the answers.  They are just kids grown up.  They don’t know anything more than anybody else.  Now, you are an adult.  You think someone, something has the answers.  It might be god, it might be religion, it might be something, anything.  But, as you grow, you learn to realize that no, there are in fact no answers.  There are only more questions.  It is just one big question.  The more you ask, even when you get a slight answer, only reveals more questions.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.  It is mysterious.  There is something amazing about mysterious wonder.  I would rather that than know something that isn’t worth knowing.

You look tired, like a good new mom should look.

The advertisements don’t have to work.  You don’t have to give in to them.  You don’t have to buy that shit.  The ads don’t have to work.

Too many times they take a good thing and ram it down people’s throats or they take a good thing and take it in the wrong direction.  Very, very rarely is it allowed to evolve naturally and stay, at the core, what it is throughout.  That is magic when it does.

In order for human life to happen, a certain thing must happen.  A man and a woman must share sperm and egg, usually though sex, and then the child grows in the woman’s body and is born.  That is how it happens for every person that has ever lived.  That specific thing has to happen for all of us to be here.  Why doesn’t something like that have to happen for us to die?  We all just die in random ways.  Nothing specific has to happen to make it be.  We just have to be alive and that is the one process we go through in order for death to happen.  Why does life have to have this one specific event happen in order for it to happen, but death just happens randomly and differently for us all?  We come to be through sex, through sharing of sperm and egg - all of us, that is the only way that life can happen for humans.  But, death, it doesn’t have an precursor like that.  The only process that has to happen to make it be is life.

A sad realization:  We all end up dying alone.  We can never go with someone else, it is always our own journey - alone.

Wasted on life.  High on how it is.  Tripping on reality. Drunk on soberness.

When you are a kid, you don’t understand that you can go through women like you go through pairs of shoes.  You see older people with women in their lives, and then one woman is gone one day and another is there instead, sort of just replaced.  You don’t see what that means, you don’t quite get it.  You don’t understand how people are able to just go from one woman to the next like they are a pair of shoes.  It still doesn’t quite make sense.

Regarding circumcision:  It is absurd that I have to even say this, but please don’t get part of your child’s dick chopped off.

My attention to detail is really gReat.

Life is the ultimate question but who is asking it?

Life:  No answer is good enough.  No answer will ever suffice.  No answer will be good enough to fulfill how amazing the mystery is.  I don’t want any answers.  The mystery is too amazing to have an answer.  No answer could possibly be good enough to warrant how amazing life is.  Nothing could answer it all.  There cannot be one answer to have it all make sense - it would never be able to wrap it all up, it would never be able to fulfill all the questions that there are, all the mystery and amazement that there is as you go through life.

Give me that banana, I’ll eat it.  Yeah, that one.  I don’t give a shit.  Hand it over.  You don’t want it, right?  Well then, give me the damn thing.  I’ll eat it.  Give me that friggin banana, it looks delicious.  Don’t go wasting it.

You ever have to pee really bad, but you don’t have a chance to, then you forget that you had to pee?  You no longer have to go.  But, then a little but later, you remember that you had to pee, and all of a sudden you have to go really bad again?  What is that?  How does it work like that?

How could I jump on the bandwagon?  I’m too busy driving it.

A diamond not in the rough.

At the bar, you can see the sadness in their eyes even through the drunken laughter.  You see beyond the forced smile to something somewhat hidden.  You see through the glaze over their glossy eyes to their deeper reason for having to run away from reality.

To see beyond the forced smile…

We are all from the same root, growing toward something.  We are all looking for an answer, for an idea that will satisfy us.  This is religion, yearning, the search.  We branch off from the same root, finding our way, finding our individual answers.  But, we all start from the same place, looking for something, anything to satisfy that thing within us.  We all start there, and I think that in a way, no matter what you find as your answer, they are all part of the same larger answer.  Each one of us is a leaf looking for an answer which is the tree we are all a part of.  Each one is different for every person, but they all lead toward the same spot - finding peace within yourself and being able to live with how things are, happily.  We all have our answer, our way, our road, our trip, our religion, our belief, our thing that helps us - that satisfies some answer within us to the forever burning question of just what the hell life is all about.  Mine is the fact that no answer will ever be good enough, and I will continue to be in awe of how it is, and give thanks to something, anything for the life I have been lucky enough to live.

I love your areolas.

I have watched South Park for more than half of my life.

If god is love, then her cousin is laughter.

You will regret all the hate that you have in your heart, especially if you act on it.

Life summed up:  You just keep taking shits.

My only goal in wrestling is that when I die, someone feels it necessary to give me a 10 bell salute.

Currently, there is peanut butter near my penis.

I’ve never had so much trouble eating a graham cracker in my life.

Thanks for reading.