Saturday, August 25, 2012


Is the risk worth the reward?

What if one is to never get the reward?

The risk is the reward itself
for daring enough to try.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts From An Old & Stupid Mind

You feel like you could almost die without something then you get it and you feel as though you could easily live without it.

I am a hunger satisfaction transfer professional, also known as a home cuisine distribution specialist and today I was wearing my mobile storage waistline unit.  When I was younger, I got laid off and I considered myself a willing laborer social casualty income beneficiary.

I don’t need an answer.  The wonder is more than enough.

Ghandi?  Oh yeah, I remember him.  I used to make fun of that guy in high school.

I was sitting there, and I started getting a loud hum/ringing in my ears and I realized that it was finally quiet enough to hear how loud it is.

I’m working on a story idea called The Boy Who Cried Shit.  This is going to be about a boy who keeps crying shit, but when people come to see, they find out that he hasn’t actually shit.  In the end, he actually does shit and cries shit, but no one actually believes him.  The twist here is that he has run out of toilet paper.

Jesus did crack.  (There, someone finally said it).

Someone once said, “Support me like a bridge, to jump between depression and elation.  Step across me like a savior over your despair.”

Fuck School.  Live Life.

Humbled by life.

My writing summed up:  Things no one has written, as far as I know, but I feel as though someone should have.

Actions speak louder than words.  It speaks loudly that the writer’s main action is writing words.

I was at a dating website and a huge condom advertisement popped up.  Think about that for a bit.

You’re last act is shitting yourself, so have some fun.

Beauty within the ugliness, within the nothingness.
Disaster somewhere sadly within relief.
It’s all there - somehow.

Loneliness transformed can easily become wisdom.

People are strange when you’re a stranger.  People are stranger when you know them.

So much is lost and it’s so sad.

Fuck rabbit shit nothingness okay white cat lick grass jumping off the roof forever Charles Manson cancer ahahahah funny shit aint it asshole?

In retrospect, being deep never got me anywhere - only into more shit.

They all want your money.

Life Coach.  What a sad, sad term.

Everyone is the same because everyone is different.

Gladly lame.

I saw a bumper sticker that said, "Nuttier Than Squirrel Turd," which was totally evident given the fact that they paid money for a bumper sticker that said so.

I need the opposite of whatever buying a Macbook would be.

I’m sure I live forever in some way even my own mind can’t comprehend totally, or even partially.

I don’t want to spend my entire life working to pay off debts that I set up for them to collect.

Uncle Tom was a hoot and a holler, I tell ya.  What a guy.  He was once arrested for fingering his navel in public.  He was at the food court of the local mall, and got himself hot and bothered over his Burger King fries.  Creepily rubbing a French fry near your navel in a crowded area is never much of a good idea.  He was quite the odd character.  Always wore a pink top hat, and was rarely seen without holding his cat Smooches in his arms.  He got himself in trouble with the law numerous times throughout his life attempting to bring the cat with him into stores.  He never learned of Petco’s wonderful policy.  Research wasn’t one of his strong points.  He once said that the only thing he had every “truly researched” in his life has been a piece of phlegm he coughed up in 1983.  He died by choking to death on a life saver and his body was found covered in cat litter, an act many think Smooches did as a burial.  Smooches could not be reached for comment.  His top hat will be missed.

If a deaf person goes to a silent movie, that shit is repetitive.

Liberty.  Justice.  Freedom.  Bullshit.

You ever hear someone say, “A tomato is actually a fruit.”  They say it like they are all cool.  It’s like, “Fuck you, no it’s not!  I don’t give a shit who says it’s a fruit, that thing is a vegetable.  Ask my childhood.”

When I hear about a 20 year old kid getting killed fighting in a war, I stop.  I will stare you all in the face and slowly ask, “Why is some 20 year old kid risking his life fighting people in some foreign country anyway?”  Then I will just stare, with this look, and you will feel it, as I do, because I start to cry when I realize what it means.  The haunting words are so simple, but so hard to take.  WHY IS SOME 20 YEAR OLD KID RISKING HIS LIFE FIGHTING IN SOME STUPID WAR?!  This is what I want to know.  I want some goddamn answers.

There’s a sad song playing in my mind.  There aren’t lyrics to write, only a feeling to feel - one letting me know that things should be different.  It’s a sad song in my mind.  A sad, sad song.

I think even a mind erodes with time.  I know that even the mind cannot remain as sharp as it once was with the power of life doing what it does.  I think that even a mind isn’t strong enough to stay as it once was in the face of the natural forces of life.  I know that sometimes smoothing over rough edges can be a good thing, I realize that one cannot always remain what they are at one point.

Remain na├»ve.  You will soon wish you still were.

Tell me something, say anything to me,  I am here to listen, I am ready to give thanks.  My life could be from this point on only me stopping and giving thanks for everything I have had up to this point and I know that still wouldn’t be enough.  It is so easy to forget just how much we have to be grateful for.  Thank you.  Thank you something.  Thank you anything.  I must give back even just slightly like this.  This is nowhere near enough, but I have to say thank you, I have to be full of thankfulness, I have to give back something, if only in the mind.  I am thankful for the food I eat, the family I have, the life I have overall.  Just how good I have it.  I want to thank something, anything, god, life itself, those around me.  I want to just praise something for the life I have been lucky enough to have been given.  For opportunity, for strength, for family, for friends, for shelter, for food, for time, for life, for everything, for the pain, for the love, for the heartache, for the truth, for the bad times, and the good, for all of it, I must once again stop and say thank you!

There is a heavy difference between being in a rush toward nowhere and slowly moving toward nothingness.

Don’t waste your time, you will quickly find there isn’t enough of it.
Don’t waste your life, you will soon realize it is too precious.
Don’t hold back, life doesn’t have enough time for that.

A fully booked prostitute is a loose woman on a tight schedule.

Thanks for reading.