Friday, August 31, 2012

Never let the dream die.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


No reason to write
is as good as any
to do so

(8/23/2012 1:58 pm)

The Writing Is Getting A Bit Better

As you get older, the days themselves seem longer, but time overall looking back seems much shorter.

He wants to live off the grid in the woods, he must be out of his mind or on something.

I don’t know.  The nature of reality?  I don’t know.  Where life comes from, where it is going, why it happens, what exactly is going on?  I don’t know.  How the sun rises and sets, how the plants grow, why the wind blows, what the stars are doing up there.  I don’t know.  How life works, just what is time, is it supposed to be the way it is, why does the winter come?  I don’t know.  Why do we love what we love, what makes us who we are, do we belong where we are, are we doing what we are supposed to be doing?  I don’t know.  Do you?

Stop it.  No, I’m serious.  Just stop it.  You know what I’m talking about.  Think about it.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  Just stop it.  Stop it, now.

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.  Energy.  Energ.  Ener.  Ene.  En. E. There.  I just did both.

It’s not in the stars.  It’s all right here.

Everyone is selling something.  Mostly their soul.

Shit, man, stop saying shit, man, and man, stop saying man, shit!

Church bells so loud and distracting, we can’t hear god’s sounds of nature.

The only place you ever truly are is in your own mind.  Go here, go there, move to Tennessee, live in the middle of the woods, go out into the ocean and drift.  You are always in your own mind.

Piss on this.  Piss on that.  Spit on this.  Spit on that.  Rat a tat, that is that, fuck you, corn niblet fucker!

I haven’t smoked crack in 27 years!

I block out the sun with my hand.  Something so small holding off something so grand.  I block out the sun with my hand.  You can too.  Hold it up to the light, then look beyond.

There is something beyond the sun, but it is almost too bright to see.  Some of us will keep looking.

Our generation could be doing so much better.

It’s beautiful out, except for all the people.

Things are good.  I won’t complain otherwise.  I have my legs.  I didn’t get into a car accident.  Even if I lost them, even if I got into that crash, things would probably still be pretty fucking good from where I am looking.

We never lose our childhood search for knowledge, never be so old as to think you know enough to not wonder.

I choose wonder over an answer.

I got the monkey off my back, the one I put there, clawing at me because of my mistakes.  I got the monkey off my back, the one I somewhat invited to stay.  I got the monkey off my back, I did it by doing the right thing.

Mixed Martial Arts:  Yeah, because that guy getting punched in the face reminds me of something Da Vinci painted.

Raising money to save the Earth is like aborting babies to save the human race.

There is cell phone service at Hancock Shaker Village.

I was born to be this age.

It’s always more peaceful outside than it is in for some reason, especially at night.

I believe in God.  I have to.  My life is too good not to.

Be careful, you just might chase the love dragon to it’s tail of loneliness.

I saw this group of guys on their bicycles with their helmets on and their spandex outfits and I thought to myself, “These aren’t real bikers.  These are people that drive their bike somewhere with their car then ride.”

The one imperfection about perfection is that it is perfect.  The limits of perfection make it no fun.  There is no realness there when something is without flaw.  Nothing human about it.  The limits of perfection make it stale, never varied, without a true rhythm, machine-like.

True religion need not be true to anyone other than the believer.