Saturday, September 15, 2012

With desire, possibility becomes.

Absolute Nonsense

Imagine a narcoleptic dating an insomniac.  I wonder how much they would sleep together.  Bahahahahahah, get it, sleep, ahahahahahah.

Without reason behind it, anything is insane.

How much smaller will Klondike bars get?  What would I do for one?  Hell, what did you do to them?

Have you looked around this planet?  Take a look.  Really look.  What a dump.  What a fucking dump we’ve turned a paradise into.  It is our fault.  This is what we have done.  What selfish, self-centered fuck ups we truly are.  It’s a fucking joke how sad this whole thing is and how little we care.  It’s an embarrassing, depressing, pathetic mess, and it’s all our fault.  What a shame.  What an absolute embarrassing mess we are for letting such a beautiful thing be turned so ugly by our egos.

If McDonalds closed, what would they do with all the old people?

Beer is associated with everything in America.  Why?  Think about it.  Football, beer.  Saturday night, beer.  Going out to eat, beer.  Hanging out by a campfire, beer.  Dancing, beer.  Going to a concert, beer.  Getting together with friends, beer.  How did they do this?  They have made everything connected to beer, even things that are totally opposite like going out into the woods and going out to a club.  How did they do that?

Never let society define you - instead, define it.

…there I was at the age of 27, Googling, “Lady Gaga’s ass.”

My fantasy football is it doesn’t exist.

Kids play with toy airplanes who grow into adults who fly real ones into buildings.  What happened to change something so drastically in such a short time?  That is a lot of corruption of innocence in a relatively short period of time.

She is just Sue Anthony to me.

The cities make the people cold, hard, disconnected and distant, just like the concrete that surrounds them.  The concrete is void of any true, real life - it stops it from growing.  How do people expect to be connected to each other or their surroundings while being surrounded by something that cuts off all connections?  The main thing surrounding them is concrete and pavement.  The main thing surrounding them is something that won’t let anything surround it.  It is death surrounding at all times instead of life flourishing.

Hiking is just walking where there are trees instead of annoying people.

Ninja dung!

As adults, we think all the music that kids listen to sucks.  We forget that even when we were kids most of it did.

You couldn’t take my love away.  There is an endless amount inside of me.  You take away part of an infinite love, and there is only infinity left.

In America, here we are…making heroes out of losers.

Make yourself a legend.  No one else will.

People I Can Do Without

  • Somebody who always smells like incense.
  • Old men who say areola, even if it is just a little bit.
  • Any woman out walking her newborn at ten at night.
  • Women who always play with their hair while they are out on a date.
  • Anyone who claims they, “identify better with the dead.”
  • People who talk while holding onto their glasses with their other hand.
  • People who refer to themselves as “Bubbly.”
  • Anyone attempting to bring back the Hitler mustache.
  • Any kid who says he want to “be as famous as Stalin.”
  • People who keep touching my face.
  • A homeless tea connoisseur.
  • Anyone who thinks of pizza as an appetizer.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

You basically learn that no one knows anything.

Monday, September 10, 2012


There is no religion worth believing in.

No deity worth bowing your head to.

There is only an idea of gratitude, one of thankfulness to give thanks to something, anything for the life that you are lucky enough to live.

There is no group worth being a part of.

There are only the ideals of goodness, truth, love.

Truly, you know this.

There are no steps to heaven the masses shuffle up.

Life is individuality, and we must all take our own way to happiness, to what is right.

There is no one to follow.  There is no one to lead.

There is only yourself and what you know is right.

God is dead, as is the idea of a collective belief in it.

We must move forward with a different view of life.

In the darkest of spots one can see the most light.

The end is just a new beginning.

Let’s journey onward.


(9/10/2012 10:19 am)

Think about it.

Life is a thought.  What is yours about it?

Life is a thought.  What is yours about it?

Life is a thought.  What is yours about it?

Life is a thought.  What is yours about it?

Life is a thought.  What is yours about it?

Life is a thought.  What is yours about it?

Life is a thought.  What is yours about it?

Think about it.