Friday, October 19, 2012


I see happiness, sadness, tears of both sorts.  I see death, and love.  I see life and sadness.  I know what is to come, somewhat.  I can feel the emotion now, slightly as I sit here writing this.  I know there will be good, there will be bad, there will be joy and sorrow.  Elation and depression.  Friends and enemies.  There will be work and play.  There will be fun and boredom.  I know there will be tears of happiness, and tears of sadness.  There will be death of the ones I love, but also the birth of ones I will love just as much.  There is never a rubber band around how much love one can feel, it is infinite.  I know these things are to come in my life, I look forward to them, even the negative, even the bad, even the sadness, because that is how it is, that is what it is, that is how life works, and without it, life just wouldn’t be what it is.  I see these things in the future, and I look at them knowing there will be pain, but there will also be so much laughter.  There will be hope.  There will be faith.  There will be gratitude and thanksgiving.  But, there will also be selfishness, ego, and arguments.  I will just try to do my best.  I look forward to what life has to offer.  Love.  John.

Hope For The Heartbroken

She might have taken all of the love you gave her and ran
but if you have an endless amount
she hasn’t taken anything

Intensity.  Love.  Passion.

Effort.  Determination.  Work.

Emotion.  Realness.  Discipline.  


The duck face picture must have some sort of biological function that works for attracting male mates because although they look absolutely ridiculous, women keep doing it.

Church steeples scraping into heaven.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be able to see over the counter at Subway.  Then, I got old enough, and I saw.  It wasn’t as cool as I had thought it would be.  That is some sort of metaphor.  The awe, the mystery was so much better than actually finding out.

At a sandwich shop
A:  Is your roast beef rare?
B:  Oh yeah, this cow was a total weirdo.

You get a headache from drinking, which is poisoning yourself.  So, you take an aspirin, another poison, to feel better.  You poison yourself then poison yourself with another poison in order to feel better.  Hope you feel better.  :-)

…that’s just the loneliness talking.

A riot sums up humanity.  One after a sporting event sums up America.

When you get something that is autographed, they give you a certificate of authenticity so that you know it is legitimate.  What if that was faked?

I can’t only think of now, forever is always on my mind.

Diagnose; a word that shouldn’t exist.

It’s warfare everywhere.

I’ve never been to Panera Bread.  Thank you.

A reality that no one wants pointed out:  We all die alone.

Regarding Vermont:  Any state that is known more for the animals than the people that live there I am all for.

People seem to always be smiling in pictures.  It can’t always be real.

Who is to say anyone knows anything?  Who is to say there are truly experts in a scientific field, which will just be updated in the future anyway?  We always only know the most to our knowledge at this point, which isn’t that much.

When you are newborn, a young child, you see things as they are.  As you grow older, you start to seem them as you are.

Death isn’t forever.  It can’t be.  Life cuts into it.

They want the yearn for love more than to actually be loved.  Perhaps I do too.

The Pope:  Just another guy who takes a shit.

Regarding the sleep number bed:  When did sleeping on a huge cushion triple the size of your own body become so uncomfortable?

Think back, you are looking at the future right now.

Sex is for right now.  Love is forever.

I have a vision.  It’s a little hazy because some of it is so far away in the future, but it’s becoming clear because I am focusing on it.

I feel like, in many ways, I learned nothing of worth in school about what life as an adult is going to be.

If you are eating out at a restaurant and the apocalypse happens, you got a free meal out of it.

I bought land.  I don’t own the land.  Now it’s free.

I don’t want it easy.  I want it real.

Thanks for reading.
Leave shit alone!