Monday, October 22, 2012

On The Future

I have a vision.  It’s a little hazy because some of it is so far away in the future, but it’s becoming clear because I am focusing on it.

Boring John's Thoughts

People run through the moment.  They have no now.  They are trying to get somewhere, to the next thing.  They are on their way to work, so they aren’t where they are, mentally.  They are off trying to get there.  There is no now to them.  There is only where they are going and where they just were.  They forget the moment at hand is the only one we ever, always have.  They just keep trying to be in another moment instead of realizing the amazement of the one they are in.

“Spirituality” is probably the most overused word in English.  Oddly enough, “Spirit” isn’t used enough.

There is so little self-discipline left.

If I was the word “nonetheless” I would think I was so cool.  "Hey, 'none' I am triple your name."  How did that happen?  It is three words in one.  I don’t think its that fair to the other words.  None, the, and less must have confidence issues knowing that nonetheless exists.  They are sort of nonetheless’s bitch.  If you really think about it, nonetheless is an unnecessary word, nonetheless it exists.

I know two people.  They both come into pizza house.  They don’t like each other.  One is a guy who seems to have taken too many drugs in his younger years and also seems to be lonely but is always willing to talk to people.  He is a little nutty.  He works cutting lawns and plowing snow.  The other is this guy who comes from money and always has this sort of attitude, this entitled attitude about him.  He lives next to my mom and he has a perfect yard and house (perfect to most people).  I like the crazy guy better.  He’s been through more shit.  He’s still here, affected.  He’s a little messed up, but he survived.  He might not be for everybody, he might have a lot to say that not everyone agrees with, but I like him.  This other guy over here had it easy.  He doesn’t have that much interesting to share.  He bores me, his being okay with his commonness is angering to me.  I’ll take that weirdo talking about Jesus with a crazy look in his eye over that guy who cuts every inch of his lawn into the perfect height into the month of October any day.  I drive by and sort of snicker at him cutting his bushes to a perfect length.  That other guy there with a crazy look in his eye rambling on about life is far more interesting to me.

The problem with domestic violence is twofold:  Men who beat their woman and women who stay with men who beat them.

I saw a spare tire wheel cover on the back of a jeep that had an American flag and it said, “There’s Only One.”  Yeah, good fucking thing.

A possum is part of the rat family.  That means they can go over a rat’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.  None of that was true.

Looking for perfection, I ended up finding nothing.

Everything is fine, except us.  Nature will have it’s way, it will do its thing.  We might not be a part of that anymore.  Everything is fine.  Go outside in the open in the woods.  It is quiet.  Things are right.  Everything is fine.  Things are as they are supposed to be.  Then, go downtown, and see where the problem truly lies.  Yes, with us.  “The planet is fine, the people are fucked.”  I keep trying to write something and realize George Carlin already said it better than I ever could.

I bought land.  I don’t own the land.  Now it’s free.

I am outside.  I stop.  Look at gate.  Think about it.  Get a slight running start.  Jump over it.  Yup, still got it.

I never thought I’d get to the point where my favorite channel is Home & Garden, but I might be there.

Getting something back from what you put it.  It can’t be described.  A tear as you drive lets you know that giving in, being part of what you are meant to be always has ways of giving back.  I was outside in a mid October day, more than three hours, working with the land, the water, the wind, the trees.  Sky above, ground below.  I was part of something.  I had a connection that cannot be described.  It came out later.  I couldn’t hold back the emotion, the tears, knowing just how great it felt to truly be what you are meant to be, to truly be connected to what we have all come from.

Excess is the problem.  That is somehow tied in with greed.

Find a way to succeed.  Your own way.  There are always loopholes, always possibilities.

I don’t care about the money I spent on you - you wasted my time, and that is far more important to me.

Life would have been so lame had you not been there.

Lifting your shoulders or squinting your eyes while in the rain doesn’t do anything.  Everyone keeps doing it, though.  Actually, raising your shoulders only makes the rain hit you that much quicker.  Why does everyone seem to do these things?

We are bored, so we destroy.

No matter how far it is, home is never too far away.

Too many people abide by the rules.

What you can’t change, learn to like.  Or at least learn to accept.

I want to get away from people as a whole but be as close as possible to people I am close to.

There is a cliff ahead, and some of us see it, but as a society, we still have our foot on the gas.  I am trying to hit the brakes.

Kids these days.  Shit.  I just said it and I meant.

I have nothing to promote.