Friday, January 4, 2013

Middle Aged Footprint

Dragging my feet
in an attempt to slow down the years
but all that's left of that idea
is the cloud of dirt kicked up behind me
as I move towards the future

(Jan. 1, 2013 Appx 5:06 pm)
First Big Storm Of The Winter (2012)

It's a cold, beautiful winter night
surprisingly light
the moon reflecting off the fresh white snow-
the wind blowing so powerful-
nature can be scary, just like the people-
it's overpowering, empowering, amazing, daunting

Seeing the trees sway, watching the wind blow the snow
The calm, the peace within that it brings

To sit by the warm fire
is such a juxtaposition-
but a great one
like hot cocoa as a kid,
after sledding.

I sit in my bed in front of the bouncing flames
only walls separating me from the outside
knowing it is all deep within me.

I sit here writing, enjoying the moment-
the cats are here

I hear the wind, feel the warmth of the fire
and listen to all of nature's voices.

The first big storm of the winter-
and able to peacefully take it all in

I must thank something, anything
for the beautiful thing I live
called life

(December 26, 2012 11:50 pm)
On The Day

I piss into the toilet
and watch the water circle around
and think,
"This might be life."

(November 16, 2012)

Ideas While Living In A Shed

I'd say treat me humanely, but I don't want to be treated that bad.

You only get one lifetime to do so little.

Life experienced children living as damaged adults.

I'd rather have extra time more than extra money.

All those black labs look alike.  Plus, none of them work.  Don't go to a movie theater with them.  They only listen to rap music.

America; an entire nation running through the motions.

Regarding the "middle of nowhere" - If it's nowhere, how is there a middle?

Convenience has taken precedence over importance.

I'm not impressed with the things humans have done or can do.  I'm more impressed with the things they can't.

I can't hold a grudge, I'm too busy with this axe to grind.

My neck is rubber; I'm an American.

I wondered, "Where is this going?"  Then, I noticed we were already there.

Fuck Reserved Parking!

"You're too weird.  You're tpp*

^ Ella wrote that

"You're too weird.  You're too fucked up.  You're too different."  You're too wrong.

Religion/Belief:  Sureness in this life is on a slope towards insanity.  Realizing one can't  know is a more balanced idea.

The way we are living, we are robbing generations to come of the future.

Urban Ink Magazine refers to themselves as, "The only tattoo magazine for people of color"  That's almost like saying, "A tattoo magazine for the blacks."

Life is eternal.  So far.  Look at it.  We are here.  So are the plants, animals, trees.  It's all here.  Life is eternal, so far.  Let's not mess this up.

I don't know what is going on.  I'm just guessing.  Like you.

Love is such a beautiful thing.  It's so ugly to waste it.

Mother Theresa Wins Lottery!  Gandhi Described As "Sexy."

The less I have, the harder (more) I work for it, the more I appreciate it.

If Morgan Freeman lived during the Eighteenth century, he'd be Morgan Slaveman.

I wasn't trying to be rich.  I wanted to just have what I need.

I bought those lambskin condoms, but I don't think they work because the lamb got pregnant anyway.

Ignorance is bliss but I am too stupid to remain so.

In America now, everything is wrapped in plastic, including our way of life.


You don't need much to have it all.

Look very closely and you will find that life in America is thinly disguised shopping.

Hold your breath and count to 6,338.

"Foolish, yes I was, because I dared to dream." Tracy Chapman "Still I Cry"

Jesus; the gaywad.

Always ask yourself:  At what expense? (the way we live, the things we do, the choices we make)

Tell 'em I used to be a moose,that should shut 'em up.

The French will get all the beavers.

A few people I want killed:
Kid Rock.

That's it.

You're not going to change the way the wind blows,  You have to go with it.  You have to learn to accept it even if it doesn't always blow where you want it to.

I'm 27.  I  live in a shed.

The people have gotten fatter, the TVs have gotten skinnier.

Too many things are done outside the home.

The Great Understanding is that you can never fully understand The Great Mystery.

If I die in a car accident, I would have regretted that.

I don't have to be entertained.  That is there (point to the sky, mountains, nature)

I will write the best
haiku that's ever written.
This is it, asshole.

I'm working on a book called Hello There You Little Faget.

Just because the majority of people do it doesn't mean it's not weird.

I wish to be rich.  I don't necessarily want to have a lot of money.

The group is never doing it good enough.

I might be burying my head deeper and deeper into the sand, but what some can't see is that on the other side of that, there is a lot worth seeing, a lot worth knowing, a lot worth finding out, and a lot of meaningful knowledge.

Some sort of metaphor:  You can't freeze running water.

Peanut butter & Jealousy.

Generations ago, they had World Wars.  Now, we have Cupcake Wars.

Even as adults, we are only kids with more years.

I thought someone knew.  I had to find out - no one does.  It was a better realization.

I'm salivating at the opportunity to survive.

Your ink is useless to salvation.

Thanks for reading.
Rat Race

They call you a failure in the race
but I think it's a failure
to be running it

(December 19, 2012)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"The Man"

Hey man,
The Man
is you.

Another Stupid Update

Hello, everyone, no one, anyone.  I wanted to just give another update.  I have still been writing, I just haven't typed any of it out on the computer.  I am rarely using my computer now and basically trying to not sit in front of it all the time.  I am filling up a notebook pretty quickly, and actually have a lot of good stuff to share.  One of these nights, I will pick some stuff out and type it out to put it up here on the blog.

I've been pretty focused on reading and doing a lot of research for some future projects that will be life long and life term fulfillments, so those are more important to me at the time than sitting at a computer typing my random thoughts.  There is a balance there, however, because I love writing, and I am in the process of finding the best balance of both.  Winter can be busy with so much more to do and so much more time that it takes to do the basic things in life.

Looking forward to sharing more and sorry about the lack of updates.  There is still plenty of good stuff that I have written recently and I look forward to sitting down for a few hours sometime soon and sharing it all.  My last update was pictures of the land before the trees were totally bare and even before we had the first snowfall - shows that it has been a while.  (Now I am rambling).

I am also thinking of starting a blog geared totally towards my journey into living more simply.  I have a lot of notes and ideas and have taken many steps in that direction and would like to share it with someone looking to learn.  I found that when I searched online for similar blogs, what I was looking for just wasn't there, so I figured I would write it myself (one of the main reasons I write anyway).  Should be fun.

Have a good'n.