Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thank you.

I am thankful.  Family, friends, love, care.  Heat, warmth, food, space, people, the land, the air, the trees, my cats, animals, water, shelter, hope, life itself.  My health, the health of those I love, physical abilities, mental wherewithal.  Nephews, nieces, friend's kids, opportunity, money, time, chances, a way, intelligence, knowing, laughter,  jokes, time with those I love, realism, women, men, old people, young, the ground I stand on, those who make it possible, the way it is, how it works, the stars, wonder, amazement, people, beauty, realism, truth, you, learning, sacrifice, mistakes, drive.  Thank you.  Reflection.  Thank you.  I am grateful and truly blessed.
Choose wisely who you listen to.

Circumcision And Seven Dollar Cards

Don't spit in the face of the the mystery by acting like you know.

"Put food on the table" has now become "put cable on the TV."  This is where our money goes.

Circumcision and seven dollar cards; reasons I will never understand this culture.

I hung up on Mormons.

My cats said you are a fag.  My nephews said you are an idiot.

Cheesist:  Racist against cheese products.

Hello there faget
You're such a little fag boi
Ha Ha you queermo

the silent cat sleeps
peaceful yet a warrior
a tamed savage love

let's eat some hot dogs
and kill us a few queermos
yes, now we're cool dudes

Sometimes I ignore the mountains to count my money.

I'm lucky, man.  I don't deserve it.  I don't know if anyone does.

We dry humped, and that was the extent of it.

The bottom of my cat Larry David's paws are black with ash from the pellet stove.

If I ever "entertain guests" as opposed to have friends and family over the house, someone kill me.

I was at a funeral, and during the sermon, you could hear the beeping of a truck backing up at a construction site outside.

Mortality lasts forever.

Do you see what I am doing?  Attempting to do?  Really think about it.  Do you see the effort I am putting in?  Do you see my point - my goal - where I would like to be, and why?  Look me in the eye.  Tell me.  Do you see what it is that I am doing?  Moving towards?  Striving for?  Don't you see it?

(After seeing a commercial for bottled water) Oh, man, it's at the point where they have to try to sell (the idea of) water to people.

Closing my eyes to your designer sunglasses.

We destroy an old tree to find out how long it has lived, so we can be impressed.

I was told I couldn't.  So I did.

There are no stars.  What you think about that?

Opportunity.  Time.  Drive.  What can you make happen?

Right now, somewhere, some guy is sitting on a couch showing a girl porn on his cell phone.

I liked being young and not knowing any better.

Humans:  the only creature that needs poetry.

People are poison and the antidote is themselves.

My mom told me I smelled.  I was somewhat proud of that.  I'm not sure why.

When I die, I wish for Mark Henry's theme music circa 2012 to be played at my funeral as they roll the casket into where the people are.

Is it worth it to rush like we do?

It is very freeing to wonder to yourself, "What time is it?"  Then to think, "I don't care."

Stop enough to be thankful.

Thanks for reading.

Something far worse
than not having what you want
is not truly wanting what you have
but lacking the courage
to change that.

(March 2013)
The Core

There are few we truly love
yet many we meet
and I live my life
for those special people-
and nearly nothing else matters
to me

Find the highest use of all things.

Crap (More Of It)

Tourists - what a sad, sad term.

I'm not trying to live forever, I'm just trying to live right now.

I watch the sun go up and come down and I am happy.

I like places where your money is no good and your time doesn't matter.

When you have it all, you can waste anything.

Go ahead, idiot, assimilate.

Don't hide behind your skirt by calling it a kilt.

Still a stupid drunk.

Some sort of metaphor:  Every airplane starts on the ground.

Have you ever seen a cat eat spaghetti?  It's hilarious.

If I was told I had to do a peer evaluation, my only choice would be to look in the mirror and say, "Yeah, you're still the man."

Like an untouched tree in the forest, don't bother me.

Not only do leaf blowers exist, but people pay landscapers to come to their house and blow their leaves off their lawn.

Any man claiming to have never sinned already has, because he is a liar.

Whiskey at noon.

I miss you and you aren't even gone.

I saw a mobile home with two kayaks in the yard.  Something is not right about that.

You aint nothing but a lock  You're just a wheel in a disintegrating system.  How does it taste?  All that pride you have to swallow.  When the machine says jump, you ask, "How high?"  Hop little corporate bunny, hop.

In America, there are very few people they don't own.

I was at the land with this girl and I kissed her.  "Am I the first woman you kissed here?" she asked.  "Yeah," I said, but I was lying.

I wonder - why do we move away from each other - away from the ones we love?

Be bigger than your culture.
Live small.  Play big.

I sometimes wonder what you are doing
then I realize you didn't care
so why should I?

But I do.

(March 4, 2013)
Enjoy the wonder.
A Tune

I don't have any love songs left in me.

The Ultimate Beauty

I might never find it
but I'll  never give up.

To Be Truly Alive

I'm like a log that just lays around in the sunshine.
It feels right.
Not having anything to do, taking it in - feeling the breeze.

To be truly alive doesn't take much -
just the time to appreciate it.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Prayer

Thank you anything.

Thank you all things.

Life is a book.  Memories are the aphorisms.
Do you know what it's like to do nothing?

To look outside to the varying green of the pines?

To hear nothing but what is - silence unattainable in most places.

Little movement - bugs, my hand as I write this.

The splash of colors in the sky as the sun goes behind the mountains.

To have a peace like this is uncommon now, because of the way we live, because of the fast paced way we have made it, because of the concrete and machinery.

I sit and I watch the sun go down, and I am happy.

I hear animals howling in the distance, I see the dark slowly taking over as it turns to night.

To be able to slow down in such a way - I am so thankful - thankful to something, anything, all things, for how it is - how it can be.

To have the time to appreciate such a thing - away from the bright lights, away from the constant noise, the constant rush, the forever race to nowhere.

I am thankful for moments like this - 
thankful to nature and all its beauty we rush through and never see
thankful to those around me, loved ones, family, friends
thankful to life itself for letting me be a small part of an infinite idea.

To be not held down by a clock, not thinking in seconds, but rather - seasons.

The days are longer than we give them credit for when we live in the cities.
So much to get done, so many things to do-
but more than enough time to do it.

This quiet, calm serenity is unexplainable in words,
to only hear the click of the pen as it pushes against the table
a plane high in the distance reminds me of a world so far away from here - 
physically, but even more so emotionally - mentally.

I sit and I write - I reflect what there is - what I see, feel, hear - and I can't do it justice.

Life like this simply has to be lived.

(May 5, 2013 7:53 pm)