Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quite Frankly

I don't think most people tried hard enough
and quite frankly
neither did I

(January 31, 2013)

A Call To Our Generation

As adults, it is our responsibility to remain focused on the future so that our children and future generations inherit the best possible Earth to live on and with.  If we fail to do our best for this, we fail our children and coming generations.  It is our duty.  We know better.  We are no longer children.  It is on us if we don't make it happen.  We must cut overuse of resources - otherwise there will be none left for the future - none for our children's children and their children's children.  We can't be selfish   We must move towards this.  This is our responsibility   It is our time.  We aren't children, we are aren't yet too old.  We have and have been given the ability, the chance, the opportunity, Let's not squander it.  Let's make this the best possible place for our kids so they have clean air, food, water, and resources to live with.  Most of all, a sustainable way of life for them.

Would you wear a pair of shoes out so badly that the soles are missing, then pass them on to your child when they become an adult and expect them to thrive?  It doesn't work like that.  We need a little self sacrifice, a lot of effort and total focus on this.  Let's stop being so selfish.

No one is perfect.  This won't happen overnight.  We all have our ways we are contributing to the negativity of this.  But, let's make it our life's work.  Instead of trying to be rich and having tons of money and a big house, let's make sure we are focused on passing on a better world to the next group that are coming up.  If we fail in this, we have failed as adults, as mothers, fathers, uncles, and aunts.  Let's take the necessary steps.  It won't be easy.  It will take sacrifice and a changing of our way of life - but it is necessary.  It has to happen.

Let's be the generation who knew better and did something about it rather than the generation who knew better and squandered the chance, who wasted the opportunity, who didn't care enough, who didn't try hard enough to make something extremely important happen.

John Pitroff May 23, 2013 28 years old.

My biggest mistake was not caring.

My second - thinking people had to.

(January 16, 2013)
Even as an adult, I still feel as though childhood idealism has a place.

My sisters three year old daughter
fell asleep cuddled up with her
during a thunderstorm


How Many Sunsets Have You Missed?

Don't squander your chance.

They said, "Count your blessings" but I can't count to infinity.

Why did we give funeral rights over to priests - people who didn't even know the person who died?

Stop being impressed by the things people can do and be more impressed by the things they can't.

Life it totally open and free.  Society is the trap.  Find a way to fight out.

My shit numbers don't add up.  This is not good.  My daily shit calendar has me at 359 for the year, my texting shit count has me at 355.  That's a four shit discrepancy.  (Yes, I said my daily shit calendar).

Mowing the lawn:  We ruin the air while killing the grass (all so that our lawn "looks good.")

Not caring enough to keep up with the Jones'.

Like a cat chasing a moth, I play with life.

Kids don't understand death; adults just think they do.

There are a few real people left.

I still believe a house is too big if it needs a doorbell.

Life is to be enjoyed, not ran through.

Too many excuses.

Smelling the bottom of my cat Larry David's paw makes me feel as though the world will be alright.

How many sunsets have you missed?  ...Sad isn't it?  Too busy working?  Too busy making money?  Watching TV?  How many sunsets have you missed - and how many sunrises?

To get rich at the expense of life itself.

A parade of parades, forever going by.

My five year old nephew James gave me the nickname "Weirdo Nature."  If you read any of this shit, I'm sure you can tell why.

Man, if I could just eat twigs to survive, I wouldn't have a fucking job.

I just realized I pay all my cats' bills.

I've been peeing in the same jar for the last two years.  Thank you.

God is not on my side, he's on my ass.

A primitive mindset.

Be in awe of the mystery.

Love is only a memory at this time.
I'm too affected by the past.

It's pathetic how far we've come from where we came.

Walt Disney's new feature film, "The Early Years of Hitler."

I have no time for small talk, my ideas are too big.

My bowels moved, but they still live in the same neighborhood.

Some sort of metaphor:  In an avalanche, the only thing that survives is the snow itself.

Salamanders don't need indoor plumbing.

It's not about wanting more, it's about needing less.

All I want to be when I grow up is free.

Money can't save the world, a way of life can.

The New Walmart

It was 80 degrees out.  One of the nicest days since spring had recently hit.  May 7th.  It was a long, cold winter, stuck inside much of the time.  Think of it.  Finally nice enough to be outside comfortable enjoying it.  The new Walmart was opening.  70-100 people like cattle slowly plodding their way into the new Walmart, starring up at the fluorescent - totally in awe, totally impressed.  What a sad thing humanity has become.  This is all this town had to talk about - all anyone I knew was mentioning - it was on the pulse of every mind around here - "Oh, the new Walmart.  Have you been to the new Walmart?"  Etc.  I saw all these people plodding into the fluorescent existence on that 80 degree day, like cattle being shuffled into slaughter, eyes gazed in amazement at this.  All this in the North Adams, Adams, Massachusetts area.  Is that all this town has?  The fucking new Walmart?  Is that the extent of it? C'mon people.  We can do better than this.  We have more to offer life than this.  We have such a beautiful area - and it was all just starting to bloom, but Walmart was at the forefront of the collective conscious.  Mount Greylock, in all its wonder and beauty was right there all along, in the background, literally and figuratively, of the new Walmart.  We need to stop being impressed with the things humans do and be more impressed with the things they can't.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hope coupled with realism, plus a ton of effort.