Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tonight, as I was driving, I looked toward the sky, seeing the sun at the crest of the beautiful green mountains about to set and I yelled out my open window, "Thank you!"  The guy in the car with me looked at me wondering who the hell I was yelling at.  Not many people would understand something like that, but if you saw what I saw, if you appreciated it in a similar way that I do, you would have had no other choice but to do the same thing yourself.  I told him I was yelling to anything, to "god," to life itself.  I hope something heard me, I hope that feeling was felt.

Thank You

Thank you.  Thank you for the food.  For the quiet.  For my life.  For the animals.  For the sky, the clouds, fire, my blueberry bush.  Thank you for the wood, for the heat, for the seasons, for the wind, for the water, for the sun.  Thank you.  Thank you for my nephews, and my nieces.  Thank you for my friends, and my family.  Thank you for the ability, the chance, the drive, the opportunity.  Thank you for the warmth.  For talent, for love, for life, even for death.  For the ones no longer here, for the cycle, for the planet, for how it all works, for the gasoline and all the types of fuel, for my car, and those that help along the way, for a good neighbor.  For knowledge and the ability to pass it on.  For writing, for basketball, for wrestling, for my passion.  For the tools big and small, for the cats and dogs, for the streams, the paths, the unmade ones, for the chance to do your own thing.  For freedom, for the music, for the song of the birds, for the memories, and the lessons learned.  For a chance, for the support of those who help.  For the look on my nephews face when I visit him.  For the chance to share it all.  For work, for the money, for the time - oh the time, so much thank you for the universe, the mystery, the simplicity yet complex way it all is.  Thank you for the people, thank you for the creativity, for the ability - or the want to stop and be thankful.  Thankful for all these things I have, and the ones yet to be.  Thank you for the skills, the resources, the fun, the love, the pain, the sex, the joy, the sadness,  Thank you for the flame on the wic of the candle at night.  Thank you for the bad and what I have learned from it.  Mainly for the chance just to be alive, to have the chance to live and be lucky enough to have my life the way it is.  For the town and the way people can have each others back.  For the land, for the beauty.  For the art.  For the mastery of survival we have learned.  For the simply things and how to appreciate them.  For the devotion.  For my mom, dad, Ape, Liz, James, Nik, Ella Eris, Don, my gram, aunts, uncles, cousins.  For Jared, Niles, Kyle, Alex, Chris, Joe, Frank.  For all the friends and family I've ever had.  For the ability to travel.  For the doctors and the care.  For the way friends's families have treated me as their own.  For Linda, Jackie, Bobby, Susan, Janet, Joyce, who have all taught me how to be something to look up to.  For all of it.  For the way it is.  For my own life, and the chance to be alive and enjoy it.  Thank you anything.  Thank you all things.



Somewhat Depressing Poems (But Real)

As The Rain Hits The Roof

Sometimes I think
we either run through life
or run away from it -
and I just wish
it wasn't like that.

(May 2013)

The News

"What's wrong with the world?" I was asked.
"People.  People don't love each other anymore," I responded.
Then, I started to cry.

(3rd week of May 2013)


The years - circumstance
have bled my care to nearly nothing
but I hope I still have the ability
to cry

(July 4, 2013)

Life's Dawn

As the sun goes down
I am sad

It's haunting what can come

(or won't)

(August 6, 2013)


Hope closes in
as the years pile up
and you still don't have
what you've always wanted

(mid August 2013)

Even a daily miracle gets old.

Middle-Aged Tits

If only magic were manufacturable.

I can't believe nature has let us survive this long.

I would recognize you from any angle.

The world is as real as pro wrestling.

There is something more important than your life.  Life itself.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how stupid are you?

When I look at the other options women have, I laugh.  When I see the ones they choose anyway, I somewhat (pity) blame them.

They laughed at me because I tried, as if it was some sort of character flaw to give what you have.

Don't live for now.  Live for ever.  Don't live as if this is the only time there is, live as if there is forever upcoming and we must preserve it for that.  Don't live for now.  Live for ever.

All shit is similar.

The kids look at me with wonder.  Tell your son he may look like me one day.  I didn't plan this shit either.

  1. Don't waste.
  2. Appreciate.

If we could text god, we probably wouldn't.  Many of us don't pray to thank anything.

I'd convict anyone named Jacquice.

I don't hang around with people who feel it necessary to talk in hushed tones.

It's easy to remember the bad.  The good in people will surprise as much as the bad, you just have to see it.

You may think I'm an idealist who is searching for something that doesn't exist, but I'm okay with that.

Middle-aged tits.

Heard on the radio:  "The prestige of a world record eating championship."

I still have an amber of hope that can burn down a forest of reality.

"Do you know you live in a shed?" my niece Ella at 3 1/2.

The mosquito is deadlier than the bear.

When the smoke clears from the fire humans have created, there will be nothing left.

My idealistic hope is slowly being washed away by reality, as a mark in the sand at the seashore slowly fades away.  I still hold on.  But time can only hold so long before an idea is eroded away by what really is.

Does it bother anyone else that resigned and re-signed have opposite meanings?

Someone lives in a house.  They die.  They put a sign out front.  The house is for sale.

I had a nose bleed the other day.  Good thing, I was late.  I thought my nose might have been pregnant.  I don't need any nostril children right now.

The houses got closer, the people got further apart.

The houses get bigger, but less people lived in them.

Magnificent Mediocrity.

There is no greater sacrilege to art than a book of poems and no reason for it being.

You couldn't write music sad enough to understand the tone I am going for.

Society:  the wheels are spinning, but we aren't moving.

Quiet confidence.  Silent genius.

Honey:  one of the better tasting vomits.

I'm not really sure where this one came from but I liked it:  In high school, you were the little slut who liked to get fucked by the star athlete so everyone would think you were cool.  Now, you dress in short skirts and go to the package store to buy your alcohol.  You'll go home and get drunk, trying to forget that your daughter turned out exactly like you - she too was the high school whore who loved to get fucked by the cool athlete everyone knew.  She needs that type of attention.  You are too busy going to the tanning booth so you can show off your legs in that skirt while you go get your booze.  You are too old to be trying so hard to look good.  Your poor daughter is turning out the same way.

When I was a kid, I said a bar of soap, so my mom washed my mouth out with a swear word.

The flames of hell shoot toward heaven.

"Intelligence is the execution of knowledge."

I'm proud to be a nut slapping, asshole picture taking gay wad.

Every religion is an opinion.  This is an opinion, and my religion.

I've got food, I've got a job, my pets heads aren't falling off!

Thanks for reading.