Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Soul

Words are often wasted.
The people are't focused enough on caring.
Being a neighbor means nearly nothing.
The houses got bigger, the people got further apart.
The TVs got skinnier, the people got fatter.
Our resources but something to be used - abused.
Snow nothing but something we must plow through.
Time something we only attempt to turn into money.
A race to a finish line not worth completing.

Our landscape only roads to get somewhere else.
No here and now anymore-
always running from the moment.

People closer physically, stacked on top of each other in apartments,
but so far apart mentally.

Houses much bigger, but less people living in them.
The rain an annoyance we cover our heads from,
not what provides the availability for our food.

Care thrown away
like the trash we produce piled in heaps.
Moments lost by trying to capture them in pictures.
Life lost by trying to write it all down.
Time wasted by attempting to make money.
Minds fried by the fluorescence
Life drained by the cycle.

The kids don't play outside as often,
there is less area to do so.
Time not truly shared enough.
No community surrounding us-
everything outsourced from somewhere else-
because it is cheaper, because it is easier.

Very few lives truly earned.

We want vacations
but nature doesn't stop.

More money, less trees.
More money, less care.
More money, far many more ways to waste it.
Draining the future.
Taking away what will be.

We have lost something special,
strangled by our wires
cut off by our technology
connected on a larger scale, but we forget what's right in front of us.
We run from it-
distract ourselves from it.

We never stop enough to see the beauty-
too caught up in our man-made creations
to be able to have awe in those which we never could create.

Childlike wonder lost,
replaced with adult pig-headedness.

Thinking we know it all,
unable to accept the idea
that life is greater than who we are.

Unable to accept
that there is a future
and we are accountable for it.

Unable to change our lives accordingly
because it would be too much of a change.

We have it too easy.
We are complacent,
but so much is lost because of it.

We earn so little of us lives with our hands
no longer connected to our homes
our heat
our life
our surroundings
our work
each other.

There is hope and love
moments so untouchable by anything
I cry when thinking about it.

Simple things
like time with my family
sharing life with loved ones.

Why can't it be about that more often?

I don't know about you
but it means too much to me
not to make it happen.