Sunday, January 5, 2014

It Must Be Lived To Be Understood

I know that kids grow up too fast
I am no longer one-
but I can see from that perspective
I have it within me

I once was-
in a way, still am.

To be able to reflect
but have fun
to be able to let loose
but have responsibility
to be able to still not know-
but have years of experience doing so

To be able to enjoy it like I once did-
but more richly
with more to compare it to
with more to set it against
with the "knowledge" of death
at least knowing it is no more here and now-
to be able to appreciate in a different way.

To be able to enjoy the moment
but perhaps more so now
with the knowledge that it's fleeting

The kids grow too fast
They always said that
now I know-
now I've seen it myself

The kids grow up too fast
but this is nice

The kids grow up too fast
but it's a joy to watch
and knowing adulthood
I hope they learn to love this part

(Dec 19 2013)
Getting Old

Not many want to get old
but I'll take it with grace and dignity-
proud of the years
proud of what I've learned
some little semblance of perhaps...wisdom

Fighting age because it equates to death in our mind
but I'm not afraid

I'm proud to live
so I'll be proud to die

(Dec. 25 2013)
The Show

The mystery of life, god, more
is like
sitting in the audience at a play
but on stage
the curtain never parts

(Jan 4, 2014)

Behind simplicity is the shadow of magnificence.

Shut Up

I don't know anything, and it's a beautiful thing.

Why does a bank need an upstairs?  Actually, why does anyone?

The word "cyber bully" exists.  God help us.

Breakfast With The Pope.

Let's be honest - nothing has ever actually tasted "scrumptious."

People say things are, "like night and day" to mark a huge difference.  It's not.  One it is light out, the other it is less light out.  Not that different.

Hey, how you doing, old friend?  Can I murder you?  No?  Okay.  Well, I just figured I would ask.  Talk to you later.

In elementary school in India, I wonder how they figure out who the smelly kid is.  In America, I wonder how they figure out who the dumb one is.

Carbon online dating.

Picasso coloring in the lines as a kid.

I believe there is something slightly wrong with someone who thinks the effort of parallel parking in order to get their booze is worth it.

I'm not a master of words, I just set them free.

Chance of "pantsing"

Shorts:  Highly likely, if surrounded by assholes.
Jeans:  Tough, but somewhat likely, if surrounded by assholes.
Jorts: You're a douche (surrounded by assholes or not).
Overalls:  You should be okay, if you ignore the fact that you are wearing overalls.
Suit of armor:  No chance, but good luck shitting.

The longer your hair and beard get, the more likely people are to say, "man" to you, regardless of their hair or beard length.

I'd like to be incomparable to anyone or anything.

On my death bed:  ...on to the next adventure.

Thanks for reading.
Pt. I

I only wish
to be important enough
to carried in a lover's wallet-
a picture of me now,
an adult.

Pt. II

I dream of a love
strong enough
that a picture of me as an adult
is carried with someone
at all times
in their pocket book